ENFJ Compatibility Chart of ENFJ Relationships

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What is ENFJ Compatibility for ENFJ Relationships?

Are you looking for a quick summary of ENFJ compatibility to understand romantic relationships for this personality type?

Are you thinking of dating an ENFJ and want to learn what ENFJ relationships tend to be like? Or are you an ENFJ personality type and want an overview comparison with the 16 different personality types?

Well, look no further. Please enjoy this article to learn about an ENFJ partner in a romantic relationship and which personality types could be the best matches for an ENFJ.

What are ENFJs attracted to?

Are you trying to make an ENFJ fall in love with you? Because you’ll first need to understand what this personality type craves in their relationships.

ENFJs tend to love being around, talking to, and making people smile. ENFJ relationships need a socially active aspect to them to keep the ENFJ happy.

In romantic relationships, ENFJ partners look for a potential partner that likes to avoid conflict, talks in a direct manner, and shares a mutual understanding of respect to work towards goals while having fun together.

What does ENFJ want in a relationship?

Relationship ENFJs are very loyal, so ENFJs tend to prefer a committed relationship over casual dating. They want to fall in love with someone who shares similar values, emotional depth, and personal growth.

ENFJs have high expectations for a successful relationship and are willing to put in the relationship work to maintain harmony if they find a special person they feel worthy of giving their heart to.


You can read a summary of who ENFJ personalities are at the conclusion of this post!

ENFJ Compatibility Chart


This is a simplified MBTI ENFJ compatibility chart for the ENFJ personality type. On the y-axis is a spectrum for ease of compatibility, while the x-axis indicates if the other type promotes growth in the ENFJ.

ENFJ partners will always invest to improve the lives of their loved ones, so a relationship ENFJ will be one personality type that craves reciprocity for growth in their romantic relationships.


I have based this chart on Socionic intertype relationships and my personal INFJ compatibility chart.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator & Jung’s 8 Cognitive Functions

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a fun way to learn new perspectives on how different personality types might match up as romantic partners in real life. This type code of psychological type was developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cook Briggs, but the original model was based on Carl Gustav Jung.

Carl Jung’s theory on the 8 cognitive functions helps us understand communication styles, personality preferences, and decision-making standards of the unique personality types. The personality types tend to have a certain way of orienting themselves to the world that is identified through this psychological framework.

One word of caution is that many people may take the Myers-Briggs personality test and get a certain type as a result that may be inaccurate. An online free personality test is limited. It is a good idea to verify a person’s type through the demonstrative use of cognitive functions.


Anyways, let’s explore what a romantic relationship looks like for each of the Myers-Briggs personality types with an ENFJ!

ENFJ Compatibility with Each of the MBTI Personality Types

1 – INFJ + ENFJ Compatibility


The ENFJ and INFJ relationship is easy-going and natural. The two can easily understand each other and readily offer emotional support to their partner. Both are idealist temperament personality types.

They feel similar to one another, but the two have different strengths and weaknesses. The ENFJ has more juice in the tank (energy) to accomplish more, while the INFJ overthinks more.

The INFJ appreciates the grounding presence, inviting kindness, and ambitious nature of the ENFJ. While the ENFJ is attracted to the subtle insightfulness, gentle warmth, and thought-provoking conversations of the INFJ.

This MBTI combination can be a very fun, social duo that loves to host and engage with others.

2 – ENFJ + ENFJ Compatibility


Two ENFJs sound like nonstop socializing. Together, these two could effortlessly build a really fulfilling friendship.

ENFJs prefer to usually be the ones to make other people feel good, so both ENFJs will remind one another that sometimes they also have to allow themselves to receive more in their relationship. Neither will ever take advantage of the other ENFJ’s giving nature as ENFJs desire to be very considerate of their partners feelings

Personality type compatibility between two of the same types could be tricky because of sharing relatively the same strengths and the same weaknesses in cognitive functions. Such relationships require a great deal of respect for one another’s personal choices (that will differ from their own) and effort to maintain stable attraction.

If both ENFJs are willing to put in the work and respect the other ENFJ’s efforts, they could build together a very happy, long-term, and committed relationship.

3 – INTP + ENFJ Compatibility


The INTP personality type will love the outgoing, friendly, and fun nature of the ENFJ. While the ENFJ will be fascinated with the intellectual depths of the INTP. These two will love playing games together, which makes for fun, fulfilling relationships filled with laughs and wholesome bonding.

INTP and ENFJ relationships have a lot of potential, as long as both partners are willing to clearly communicate their own needs. ENFJs will bring introverts out of their comfort zone, and INTPs will teach others how to sharpen their own thinking skills and process.

This kind of growth leads to very satisfying meaningful relationships.

Both types appreciate their alone time, so they will share a mutual respect for personal space.

4 – ENTP + ENFJ Compatibility


ENTPs and ENFJs can be an ideal match as both types share an intuitive nature and thrive on engaging in conversations about fun ideas and envisioning possibilities.

The ENFJ admires the ENTP’s well-honed logical thinking, optimistic outlook on life, and dry sense of humor. The ENTP is enticed by the ENFJ’s adventurous spirit, genuine compassion, and willingness to engage in respectfully heated debates.

Both extroverts derive joy from introducing each other to different points of view and having fun together will be a mutual priority.

Check out my entire article on ENTP compatibility.

5 – INFP + ENFJ Compatibility


ENFJs are the best match for INFPs who desire an outgoing, busy-bodied, and intellectual counterpart. INFPs tend to really value their alone time, but an ENFJ personality type will naturally get them out of their comfort zone while still respecting their personal boundaries.

The ENFJ will always respect the INFP’s values and both personality types will try their best to build a healthy relationship together.

The INFP will enjoy the charisma, wit, and depth of an ENFJ. The ENFJ will enjoy providing enjoyable memorable experiences for their INFP partner.

Compared to compatibility with other personality types, this ENFJ + INFP compatibility will have a natural flow in their connection as the introverted feeling (Fi) lead function of an INFP is well complemented by the extroverted feeling (Fe) lead function of an ENFJ.

6 – ENFP + ENFJ Compatibility


The ENFP-ENFJ relationship is made up of two individuals who initially feel like they share many similarities. Both ENFPs and ENFJs are extremely energetic, outgoing, and social personality types.

However, they will be clear differences between the two that will become very obvious. ENFJs tend to be relatively orderly people, while ENFPs tend to be more free-flowing and spontaneous.

Such differences can promote very engaging conversations between the two, which both crave in their fulfilling relationships. These two are types that fall in love through their mind and feel that they can grow attraction through intellectual stimulation.

A healthy relationship is possible when you combine a mental connection with emotional depth and physical attraction.

7 – INTJ + ENFJ Compatibility


ENFJs are some of the warmest people you will meet, while INTJs on the other hand come off as rather cold-blooded individuals. In this relationship, INTJs decide that ENFJs are people that they can really learn from as they recognize how charismatically and kindly the ENFJ operates with others.

In terms of INTJ compatibility, an ENFJ has high compatibility with other personality types considered. These relationships promote growth and help to balance the INTJ’s tendency to routinely prioritize analysis and cold logic. The ENFJ will warm up the heart of an INTJ through romantic gestures and genuine care.

The two will strive to work hard in the relationship if it is based on shared goals and feelings of intellectual compatibility.

8 – ENTJ + ENFJ Compatibility


An ENTJ is definitely of ENFJs compatible type, as both are success-driven, community-focused, and adventure-seeking individuals. These two will be able to easily connect, but in time they will notice how different they are from each other.

The ENTJ is a machine for productivity and systematic decisions in life, while the ENFJ is a charismatic, endlessly caring, and considerate person.

Both will learn that their partner operates in a way very different from themselves and makes decisions based on very contrasting ways of thinking. Such differences will assist each other to see the world in a more holistic way.

The ENTJ will show the ENFJ how to make the most rational decision possible when it comes to getting things done and making progress with something, regardless of anyone’s feelings involved. While the ENFJ will show the ENTJ how they could be more tuned into their own needs and practice healthy emotional expression.

9 – ISFJ + ENFJ Compatibility


In a relationship, ENFJ and ISFJ will make for a power duo of kindness as both types are hyper-aware of other people’s feelings. There will be an innate emotional connection that has a very easy-going, effortless feel to it.

The ENFJ will bring out the bubbly, extroverted side of the ISFJ personality type. The ISFJ will ground their ENFJ partner to be more practical and stable in everyday life.

10 – ESFJ + ENFJ Compatibility


With the common dominant function of extroverted feeling (Fe), the ENFJ and ESFJ personality types are both natural social butterflies. But does this make ESFJs and ENFJs compatible?

Well, one struggle between an ENFJ and ESFJ is that these two types usually prefer to talk about different things. ENFJs crave deeper conversations that activate them mentally while ESFJs love to talk about everyday life details and stories.

Sharing the Fe-Ti axis makes them have similar values, but also the strengths and weaknesses which may hinder potential personal growth.

11 – ISTP + ENFJ Compatibility


In a relationship, ENFJs and ISTPs make a natural pairing as they are considered a “dual” intertype relation in Socionics. Duals are common in romantic relationships and marriages. Each personality type inspires and improves the other in a natural way as they share the same conscious cognitive functions in reverse order.

The ISTP Craftsman is a street-smart, fearless, and tinkering handyman who will impress the ENFJ with their endless knowledge about how everything in the world works. ISTPs will be attracted to the authenticity, respectful extroversion, and intriguing mentality of ENFJ partners.

12 – ESTP + ENFJ Compatibility


ESTPs and ENFJs tend to get along very naturally, as the two types share all the same cognitive functions. The ESTP will bring a lot of spontaneity and excitement to the relationship. Work will never be the main topic of discussion between these two.

The ENFJ will appreciate that this personality type helps them to let loose a little from their usual overthinking and self-pressure to succeed in certain ways.

These two personality types will share similar values and compatible personality traits, but disagreements may arise if they spend too much time together. This activation relationship needs periodic breaks, which will allow each partner to return to each other with healthy emotional expression and appreciation.

Luckily, both the ESTP and ENFJ love to enjoy their platonic relationships and will not rely solely on each other to fulfill their emotional needs.

13 – ISFP + ENFJ Compatibility


The ISFP and the ENFJ operate on opposite ends of the feeling and emotional spectrum but these two can really complement each other and enjoy each other’s company. In a relationship, ENFJs will appreciate the depth that ISFPs offer. While ISFPs will love the genuine kindness of ENFJs.

The two will be able to have very easy-going, fun conversations and can help explore each other’s interests mentally. They can both feel a strong emotional connection as a result.

A potential hiccup might be the ENFJ’s hovering habits of micromanagement, which no ISFP will ever like. ENFJ personalities mean well with their guidance and advice-giving habits, but ISFPs value their personal freedom of choice above all.

This relationship would work best as long as both maintain healthy personal space and the relationship work is taken on in a playful manner. These two types are called a “mirage” intertype relation in Socionics, which has a tendency to feel good at first glance but tensions can arise due to unmet needs.

14 – ESFP + ENFJ Compatibility


Both ESFPs and ENFJs value their close relationships and will go to great lengths to maintain harmony. Together, they could really foster a stable romantic relationship. An ESFP Entertainer could be one of the best matches for an ENFJ.

The ESFP will love the outgoing, bubbly, and down-to-earth nature of the ENFJ. While the ENFJ will like the total vibe of a respectful ESFP who just loves people and emotional connection.

15 – ISTJ + ENFJ Compatibility


Out of all the potential matchups for an ENFJ, an ISTJ will be the best of just striving for a platonic friendship with an ENFJ. These personality types are considered a “conflict” pair as they just function totally opposite and may find mutual understanding in a variety of topics challenging.

I’m not saying a bad relationship is inevitable… but to avoid conflict, ENFJ and ISTJ should just try to build a fulfilling friendship together. The ISTJ is definitely one type that will cringe at any of ENFJ’s hovering tendencies in relationships. ENFJ will have their best intentions at heart, but it would be completely unwelcome.

16 – ESTJ + ENFJ Compatibility


The ESTJ will find the ENFJ quite intriguing. These two types are opposite in many ways, but their differences in mutual respect can foster plenty of personal growth.

This relationship works a little easier than ISTJ and ENFJ compatibility because both types are extroverts and will have a bit more fun in their engagements with one another. If they have similar values and goals, ESTJ and ENFJ relationships could actually make for relatively fulfilling relationships.

Who Are ENFJs?


ENFJ Strengths

  • ENFJs value and put a lot of work into building meaningful close relationships to form a strong emotional connection (including relations with family members and in their platonic relationships)

  • ENFJs love people genuinely and will go to great lengths to serve others with an honest, humble heart

  • ENFJs focus on an overall goal for their life and are able to accomplish great things (eventually, after lots of fun)


ENFJ Weaknesses

  • ENFJ personalities might be too kind-hearted sometimes and might attract a bad relationship if they are not careful in setting personal boundaries for respect

  • ENFJ’s desire to avoid conflict may result in a lack of communicating one’s true feelings in consideration of other people’s feelings over their own needs


“Assertive versus Turbulent”

This distinction between ENFJ-A and ENFJ-T is actually NOT based on the original framework on MBTI. This actually was made up of the 16personalities.com online test that combined the testing guidelines of the Big 5 personality framework along with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator framework.

The site correlated type preferences to each of the 5 personality traits. OCEAN is the acronym used to easily remember each of the traits.

The Big 5 Personality Traits (“OCEAN”)

  • O is for Openness, which the test correlates to a spectrum between Sensation and Intuition (S vs N)

  • C is for Conscientiousness, which correlates to Judging and Perceiving (J vs P)

  • E is for Extraversion, which correlates to Introversion and Extroversion (I vs E)

  • A is for Agreeableness, which correlates to Feeling and Thinking (F vs T)

  • N is for Neuroticism, which does not correlate to any MBTI type preference… which is why they made up the aspect of “assertive” (-a) and “turbulent” (-t)


I hope you enjoyed this summary of what each type is like when dating an ENFJ with the MBTI compatibility chart and learning about the best matches for this personality type.


If you have any requests for a compatibility chart, please let me know! Wishing you the best in learning about how each type can find a great partner through the lens of 16 personality types and understanding Jungian cognitive functions.

I truly believe that these frameworks can be used as a powerful tool in picking an awesome life partner and sustaining a happy long-term relationship on a deeper level.