Growth Mindmap of ESFJ Caregiver Personality Type

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The ESFJ Caregiver Personality Type

ESFJs are energetic, friendly, and incredibly social hosts. They love people and warmly connect to others with ease. The ESFJ personality type is quick to forge a bond and does so through attuning to others.


The ESFJ is a Guardian temperament, so they enjoy upholding rules, traditions, and duties in society.


The ESFJ Cognitive Function Stack

    1. Hero Extroverted Feeling (Fe) Cognitive Function
    2. Parent Introverted Sensing (Si) Cognitive Function
    3. Child Extroverted Intuition (Ne) Cognitive Function
    4. Inferior Introverted Thinking (Ti) Cognitive Function
    5. Nemesis Introverted Feeling (Fi) Cognitive Function
    6. Critic Extroverted Sensing (Se) Cognitive Function
    7. Trickster Introverted Intuition (Ni) Cognitive Function
    8. Extroverted Thinking (Te) Cognitive Function



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