What Are INFJs Attracted To? (Simple INFJ Compatibility Chart with Each of 16 Types)

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What are INFJs attracted to?

Are you curious to know what are INFJs attracted to in others?

You have to understand how they are naturally drawn towards integrity, personal development, and radical understanding. They admire growth-oriented, genuine, down-to-earth individuals.

As hopeless romantics in nature, many traits could intrigue an INFJ personality type


In this article, you will find out exactly how each of the 16 types matches up to an INFJ in terms of compatibility and attraction. Below I share my simplified INFJ compatibility chart for you to visually see a quick snapshot of how each type matches up.

Read further about what a relationship would look like with each of the 16 different MBTI types.

Additionally, learn about who INFJs really are to conclude this post!

Please enjoy the read and feel free to respond with any questions or comments you may have.

INFJ Compatibility Chart


This is a simplified MBTI compatibility chart for the INFJ personality type. On the y-axis is a spectrum for ease of compatibility, while the x-axis indicates if the other type promotes growth in the INFJ.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator & Jung’s 8 Cognitive Functions

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a fun way to learn new perspectives on how different personality types might match up as romantic partners in real life. This model of psychological types was developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cook Briggs.

Carl Jung’s theory on the 8 cognitive functions helps us understand communication styles, personality preferences, and decision-making standards of the unique personality types.

One word of caution is that many people may take the Myers-Briggs personality test and get a certain type as a result that may be inaccurate. An online free personality test is limited. It is a good idea to verify a person’s type through the demonstrative use of cognitive functions.


Anyways, let’s explore what a romantic relationship looks like for each of the Myers-Briggs personality types with an INFJ!

INFJ Compatibility with Each MBTI Type

If you’ve ever talked to an INFJ about love, you’ll realize one thing pretty fast: INFJs are hopeless romantics. If they aren’t in love, then they sure are figuring out and planning what they need to do to change that in their reality.

INFJs love people and can be compatible with any type. However, some types in particular really spark joy in a romantic connection!

1. ENTP + INFJ Relationship


ENTP has sometimes been deemed a “perfect match” for INFJ. Both are intuitive types that enjoy conversations about concepts, potential ideas, and possible future improvements. The ENTP will be open to constantly engaging in discussion with the INFJ.

Both will enjoy teaching their partner new perspectives. These two have a good chance of keeping one another entertained and supporting each other to grow.

The INFJ is attracted to the ENTP’s optimistic nature, well-developed logic, and occasionally hilarious dry humor. The ENTP admires the INFJ’s compassion, adventurous side, and willingness to engage in debate.

This dynamic duo can bring out the silliness and seriousness in each other, allowing a depth of experiences together.

2. INTP + INFJ Relationship


The INFJ and INTP combination has been coined the term “a golden pair” due to their natural compatibility. This pair is a common marriage combo and many report harmonious relationships. The innate preferences of the two complement one another easily.

Both can really indulge in conversing over problem-solving, abstract theories, and observable systems, promoting the two to learn more about analyzing the world with new perspectives.

The INFJ deeply admires the integrity, well-balanced rationale, and radical honesty of the INTP. The INFJ can let their guard down with an INTP because of the underlying feelings of authenticity and safety. The INTP likes the questions, ideas, and plans that an INFJ enjoys offering.

This pair will attempt to take care of the other to the best of their abilities, which leads to a feeling of wholeness together.

3. ENFP + INFJ Relationship


Though an ENFP could feel somewhat polar opposite to an INFJ in terms of energy output, these two intellectually can be a very compatible match. Both are idealists at heart. Predominantly interested in personal development and contributing to humanity, these individuals inspire and support each other to reach their own goals of creating something meaningful.

The INFJ loves the vast array of knowledge, spunky humor, and personal values of the ENFP. The ENFP will bring out the more spontaneous, light-hearted side of the INFJ, helping them to stop overthinking so much. The ENFP enjoys the INFJ’s gentle kindness, deep conversations, and fun insights.

This combo will always share with the other lessons they have learned, promoting a relationship built on continual growth and development.

4. INFP + INFJ Relationship


The INFJ and INFP are a combo that shares a sensitive nature and similar interests. These are very compatible personality types that love to focus on understanding people. As fellow introverts, they will have mutual respect for each other’s boundaries and energy levels.

They both care deeply to understand and respect each other, offering solace from the overstimulation they may otherwise be used to.

The INFJ is attracted to the emotional boldness, artistic nature, and inviting warmth of the INFP. The INFP likes the reciprocated kindness, logical reasoning, and fun discussions of the INFJ.

The two will enjoy sharing stories, observations, and analyses together. This is a very chill pairing.

5. ENFJ + INFJ Relationship


The ENFJ and INFJ relationship is easy-going and natural. The two can easily understand each other and readily offer emotional support to their partner.

They feel similar to one another, but the two have different strengths and weaknesses. The ENFJ has more juice in the tank (energy) to accomplish more, while the INFJ overthinks more.

The INFJ appreciates the grounding presence, inviting kindness, and ambitious nature of the ENFJ. While the ENFJ is attracted to the subtle insightfulness, gentle warmth, and thought-provoking conversations of the INFJ.

This MBTI combination can be a very fun, social duo that loves to host and engage with others.

6. INFJ + INFJ Relationship


An INFJ with another INFJ will result in a deeper understanding of each self. The two can feel in many ways like a mirror of one another in thought, kindness, and strangeness. Of course, they will have their own personalities and individual differences but nonetheless can feel eerily similar.

In each other they each can admire what long-term goals have been accomplished, recognizing the personal persistence, patience, and dedication that was necessary to do so.

Together, they will enjoy sharing their future ambitions and what endeavors they can imagine are coming. This pair will feel safe yet also very vulnerable, because of deep unspoken recognition of the sides of their personalities that tend to usually be hidden.

7. ENTJ + INFJ Relationship


An ENTJ and INFJ pairing could be a healthy relationship with ample fun. The two types aspire to similar goals but execute their tasks completely differently.

The relationship’s strengths are good communication, empathetic understanding, and a high drive for adventures together. The ENTJ will often seek leadership roles that may be demanding. In a relation, the INFJ will be a supporting partner.

The INFJ will like the go-get-it attitude of the ENTJ, finding their harshness foreign yet kind of inspiring. The ENTJ admires the sweetness and caring of the INFJ, while also appreciating the frequent depth of conversations.

Cerebrally, these two will actually get along very well as they share well-developed introverted intuition (Ni), which not many other types enjoy to the same extent.

8. INTJ + INFJ Relationship


These two types are similar in how they see the world, yet different in how they choose to interact. The two can have a lot of fun in sharing honestly about what they think about things.

The INTJ will attempt to lead and guide the direction of conversations, but the INFJ won’t be afraid to admit their different opinions. They will feel simultaneously understood yet in disagreement.

The INFJ admires the work ethic and personal ambition of the INTJ, while the INTJ will appreciate the combination of social gracefulness and ability to debate the INFJ.

9. ESTP+ INFJ Relationship


Surprisingly, the ESTP and INFJ pairing can result in an extremely successful relationship. This is a very common marriage pairing, particularly ESTP men with INFJ women.

ESTPs are free spirits that bring adventure and liveliness to the connection, while the INFJ promotes mentally-stimulating talks.

The INFJ enjoys the boldness, thinking, and goofiness of the ESTP. The ESTP is attracted to the mind of the INFJ.

The two could feel somewhat like a perfect match for each other, although others would think completely otherwise.

10. ISTP + INFJ Relationship


An ISTP will have very similar personality traits to an INFJ. However, the development of such traits would be very different between the two.

They are definitely compatible, easily understanding one another in some ways. They would vibe well together, but sometimes between the two something could feel missing.

The INFJ is attracted to the calm, logical aura of the ISTP and admires their style of being. While the ISTP enjoys helping the INFJ get a little out of their head by engaging with their hidden fun side. This duo will feel familiar, comfortable, and sweet.

11. ESFP + INFJ Relationship


An ESFP could be a very good match for an INFJ, but it could also be a potential heartache. The two will get along really well, unexpectedly.

The ESFP will be a total goofball, trying to constantly make the INFJ react in some way. The INFJ will feel invited into the ESFP’s very active world but knows that their role in such a relationship is primarily supportive.

The INFJ is attracted to the generous, silly, and engaging nature of the ESFP. The ESFP likes that INFJ truly wants to see and understand them for who they are, while also making good points here and there in between their rants and rambles.

The attraction between them is fueled by opportunities to develop themselves together.

12. ISFP+ INFJ Relationship


Another unexpected good match is the INFJ with ISFP. As partners, they can really expand their perspectives together.

INFJs will have a certain unique attraction to ISFPs, particularly admiring the emotional intelligence and confident style of the ISFP.

13. ESTJ+ INFJ Relationship


The INFJ will admire the grit, organization, and wisdom of an ESTJ. The ESTJ will find the ideas, explanations, and actions of an INFJ exciting and thought-provoking.

The two view the world in very different ways, so they must be willing to hear new perspectives from each other to learn and foster a relationship together.

14. ISTJ+ INFJ Relationship


The INFJ will appreciate the sincerity, efficiency, and hidden silliness of the ISTJ. The ISTJ enjoys talking to the INFJ, and feeling accepted, listened to, and understood.

As two introverts together, there is a calm, grounding energy exchanged.

15. ESFJ+ INFJ Relationship


The INFJ will enjoy the playfulness, generosity, and excitement that an ESFJ constantly brings to the connection. The ESFJ likes the thoughtfulness, ambition, and reasoning of the INFJ.

This pair is very friendly, social, and people-oriented. The ESFJ will bring party to the life of an INFJ, while the INFJ will bring awareness to the actions of the ESFJ.

16. ISFJ+ INFJ Relationship


ISFJs and INFJs may feel oddly similar to each other, yet they differ in their day-to-day priorities and long-term visions. Both types will readily support each other, being very emotionally attuned to the needs of others naturally.

The INFJ is attracted to the stability, work ethic, and kind warmth of the ISFJ. The ISFJ will indulge in reciprocated sweetness and thorough explanations by the INFJ.

The two will feel that they are with someone who cares deeply and genuinely.


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The INFJ personality type is known to be the rarest of the 16 types, estimated at around ~1% of the population. INFJs are distinct in their warmth and unique wisdom. They usually come across as friendly individuals who could easily get along with most people, but they have a certain mysterious depth to their persona.

One giveaway of this personality type is their natural desire in conversation to listen intently to attempt to understand other people at a deeper level. They attempt to contribute meaningful insight to others. With their idealist temperament, INFJs love to focus on the improvement of individuals, including themselves.

Outwardly INFJs show their emotional warmth, but internally their minds are always thinking on overtime. Their lead cognitive function of introverted intuition (Ni) has a very subconscious nature, which can be mentally taxing to the INFJ. They are deep thinkers with an appreciation for rationality. INFJs are experts at pattern recognition, which they can easily use to apply to people.

You could describe an INFJ as a natural psychologist and they can come across as someone with a sort of counselor vibe to them. People feel at ease opening up to them and INFJs usually welcome vulnerability.

Some people may misinterpret INFJs as extraverts and may even be mistyped as ENFJ. However, INFJs are true introverts at their core. Because of all the overthinking that could subconsciously go on in the mind of an INFJ, alone time to recharge is mandatory to regularly clear out the mental clutter.

When they have adequate solo thinking time, INFJs can pleasantly interact with others. With this in mind, INFJs appreciate others who respect their personal boundaries and need for quiet time alone

At the heart of an INFJ is the powerful desire to serve others at a personal level. Because their whole life has been a continual dedication to truly developing themselves, they want to and will readily share resources with others to facilitate growth. They are inclined to help and do well through extroverted interactions.

Though introverted in nature, the INFJ flourishes in community with others and needs to maintain healthy social relationships. Staying in their heads can be a natural comfort, but they have a lot to offer when they bring their ideas to life in the real world.

Sensing & Intuition in the INFJ

The overactive mind of an INFJ has a natural inclination for intuition versus sensing. In other words, INFJs more easily think and talk about ideas versus events and details. They experience things more readily in their minds than they do in their physical senses.

INFJs are observers, taking in information to process and constantly hypothesizing explanations to reason why things are the way they are. Intuition is the skill of recognizing what is not physically seen. INFJs like to understand the past and present as points of reference to envision what is inevitable in the future.

Their minds are processing machines that simulate potential possibilities to decide which scenario will be the most likely. Most times, INFJs live in their minds more than they do in their bodies. Occasionally clumsy in nature, they may not be the most coordinated.

With all the overthinking, the INFJ is uplifted by people who ground them in the present moment through vivid experiences and authentic connections. Though they thoroughly appreciate mentally stimulating thoughts, truly experiencing the world is this type’s highest path of growth. They must practice somatically experiencing their body, through mindfulness, breathing techniques, and intentional mind-body connection exercises.

Feeling & Thinking in the INFJ

INFJs are comparably thinkers as much as they are feelers. They love engaging in conversations and have a generous openness to learning about new topics. INFJs appreciate others who desire to teach them and will support the flow of a mentally-stimulating conversation.

A deep talk is a true delight for this type. The analytical ability is a fun skill this type naturally has developed, and it may surprise most people when an INFJ explains their reasonings. Although INFJs may not be very practical in the systems of the real world, they have a knack for knowledge and can explain things to others in an easily understandable way.

Regarding emotions, INFJs are adept at understanding others but could fail at understanding their own feelings. This is until they intentionally explore their own true values. INFJs desire social harmony with others and putting other people first is a natural inclination of INFJs.

However, they eventually must learn to prioritize fixing their own problems rather than attempting to focus their efforts away. It can take a bit of personal development for an INFJ to mature enough to truly understand their own values and emotions.

Perceiving & Judging in the INFJ

Though INFJs have a “J” according to the common MBTI 16 personality type preferences abbreviations, they actually are a Perceiver because they lead with introverted intuition (Ni), which is a perceiving function. Perceivers are constantly absorbing information.

INFJs collect data through their experiences in the world and eventually, the things they observe are distilled into principles in their head. INFJs like to seek out the underlying truth behind the scenes of what is seen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is INFJ Most Compatible With?

Truthfully, it really depends on what function the INFJ admires most in others. Some INFJs may be more attracted to courage and charisma, while other INFJs might really appreciate logic and systematic organization. The best way to evaluate romantic compatibility for an INFJ is to figure out what is their personal core desire in a romantic relationship.

What is the Best Match for INFJ?

Many types have been deemed the term “Golden Pair” for INFJ, including but not limited to INTP, ENTP, ENFP, & ESTP. However, many of the Myers Briggs types could work out well long-term for INFJ relationships. INFJs tend to be open-minded to different types.

What are INFJs attracted to?

INFJs are naturally drawn toward integrity, personal development, and radical understanding. They admire growth-oriented, genuine, down-to-earth individuals. INFJs need opportunities for personal growth.