INTJ Compatibility Chart of INTJ Relationships

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INTJ Compatibility Chart to Summarize INTJ Relationships

Are you looking for an INTJ compatibility chart along with a quick summary of INTJ compatibility to understand how healthy relationships look like for this personality type in dating?

Are you thinking of dating an INTJ and want to learn what INTJs tend to like? Or are you an INTJ personality type and want an overview comparison with the 16 different personality types?


Well, look no further. Please enjoy this article to learn about an INTJ partner in romantic relationships!

What is an INTJ attracted to?

Are you trying to make an INTJ fall in love with you? Because you’ll first need to understand what this personality type craves in their personal relationships.

The INTJ personality type is characterized by their constant quest for self-improvement and desire to build something great. INTJs tend to get along easily with people who share the same desire to make great things.


INTJs desire loyal partners who are not overly emotional and INTJs prefer someone that can handle their direct communication and strong leadership. To sustain a healthy relationship, INTJs require mutual understanding and respect for hard work, commitment, and logical rationale.

You can read a quick summary of INTJ strengths and INTJ weaknesses at the conclusion of this post!

INTJ Compatibility Chart (INTJ Dating)


This is a simplified MBTI INTJ compatibility chart for the INTJ personality type. On the y-axis is a spectrum for ease of compatibility, while the x-axis indicates if the other type promotes growth in the INTJ.

I have based this chart on Socionic intertype relationships and my personal INFJ compatibility chart.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator & Jung’s 8 Cognitive Functions

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a fun way to learn new perspectives on how different personality types might match up as romantic partners in real life. This type code of psychological type was developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cook Briggs, but the original model was based on Carl Gustav Jung.

Carl Jung’s theory on the 8 cognitive functions helps us understand communication styles, personality preferences, and decision-making standards of the unique personality types. The personality types tend to have a particular way of orienting themselves to the world identified through this psychological framework.

One word of caution is that many people may take the Myers-Briggs personality test and get a certain type as a result that may be inaccurate. An online free personality test is limited. It is a good idea to verify a person’s type through the demonstrative use of cognitive functions.


Anyways, let’s explore what a romantic relationship looks like for each of the Myers-Briggs personality types with a rational INTJ!

INTJ Compatibility with Each of the MBTI Personality Types

1 – INFJ + INTJ Relationship


These two types are similar in how they see the world, yet different in how they choose to interact. The two can have a lot of fun in sharing honestly about what they think about things.

The INTJ will attempt to lead and guide the direction of conversations, but the INFJ won’t be afraid to admit their different opinions. They will feel simultaneously understood yet in disagreement. These two uniquely share introverted intuition (Ni) as their dominant function.

The INFJ admires the work ethic and personal ambition of the INTJ, while the INTJ will appreciate the combination of social gracefulness and ability to debate the INFJ.

2 – ENFJ + INTJ Relationship


ENFJs are some of the warmest people you will meet, while INTJs on the other hand come off as rather cold-blooded individuals. In this relationship, INTJs decide that ENFJs are people that they can really learn from as they recognize how charismatically and kindly the ENFJ operates with others.

In terms of INTJ compatibility, an ENFJ has high compatibility with other personality types considered. These relationships promote growth and help to balance the INTJ’s tendency to routinely prioritize analysis and cold logic. The ENFJ will warm up the heart of an INTJ through romantic gestures and genuine care.

The two will strive to work hard in the relationship if it is based on shared goals and feelings of intellectual compatibility.

3 – INTP + INTJ Relationship


The INTJ will absolutely love the mind of an INTP personality type and find them to be incredible partners with who they can discuss with at length about new ideas and various intellectual conversations. The INTP will deeply admire the mode of operation of an INTJ.

Between each other, the exchange of information will be effortless and very respectful. However, neither have strong abilities of emotional expression which can make for rather cold-feeling relationships.

4 – ENTP + INTJ Relationship


In one-on-one contact, these two can talk endlessly about a wide range of discussions. The INTJ will make a good point that an ENTP will happily build off of and the two will synchronize in mental expansion to find new conclusions.

However, after a while, the INTJ will need a break from the ENTP person who is obviously more extroverted. When dating an ENTP, all introverts should keep this in mind.

The INTJ will attempt to push the ENTP to accomplish more, while the ENTP will try to convince the INTJ to have more light-hearted fun in their pursuits of life.

5 – INFP + INTJ Relationship


The INFP will benefit from the guidance of an INTJ and the INTJ will appreciate the emotional support and strong personal integrity of the INFP. INFPs are great listeners who genuinely care about the person they are listening to and INTJs value their authenticity.

This makes for a reasonably compatible relationship, as long as the two stay considerate of their partner’s feelings. Both have strong introverted feeling (Fi), with it being the INFP’s dominant function and the INTJ’s tertiary function.

6 – ENFP + INTJ Relationship


An ENFP and an INTJ couple will make for great conversationalists together. Both are intuitive types that can bounce thoughts back and forth with each and arrive at similar judgments from a logical perspective. Neither types enjoy much small talk and instead exploring abstract ideas and envisioning creative solutions.

The extroverted intuition (Ne) of the ENFP personality type will nicely go back and forth in conversing with the introverted intuition (Ni) of the INTJ. Both types will be happy to teach the other about their own interests and value that their partner engages frequently in passionate intellectual pursuits.

7 – INTJ + INTJ Relationship


Double the INTJ would double the trouble. Both INTJ partners would be impressed by the other, but this pairing may experience quite a power struggle together. As a wise man once told me, “A ship can’t have two captains.”

The two would need to decide whose role is which and respect each others’ boundaries and thoughts, never over-imposing their own way of thinking as the only right way.

8 – ENTJ + INTJ Relationship


The ENTJ will appreciate the persistent, relentless strength of the INTJ, while the INTJ will see a very efficient, productive, self-confident person who they feel is very deserving of recognition and praise. Sharing all the same cognitive functions in different orders will result in the two admiring different aspects of each other’s personalities that they wish to develop better within themselves.

INTJ and ENTJ are two personality types destined for success, especially in business ventures. Both of these types are part of the gamma quadra, which are personality types that succeed in their goals through a realistic approach to the world.

They are very independent thinkers with intensely strong wills. Such relationships might risk low emotional expression, but these are two types that might not mind that as long as they can agree on a logical solution together.

9 – ISFJ + INTJ Relationship


An INTJ seeks more mental stimulation than an ISFJ usually wants to offer in a conversation, but they will have an almost endless appreciation for the sweetness and dedicated nature of the ISFJ personality type.

The two can along fine if they spend time focused on doing things together, but they have very different preferences for topics of interest to discuss. ISFJs love to share personal, very-detailed, first-hand stories while INTJs focus on discussing analytical observations, business ideas, and niche personal hobbies.

10 – ESFJ + INTJ Relationship


In platonic situations, ESFJs and INTJs can have very positive relationships. However, these two may not be a good match for a romantic relationship.

They see and experience the world in opposite ways, doing things very differently from how the other would choose to do so if in the same situations.The INTJ communication style can really contrast with the ESFJ communication style.

Both types will have better compatibility with other personality types.

11 – ISTP + INTJ Relationship


Both of these types greatly value independence, autonomy, and personal success. They can bond through mutual interests and engaging in shared hobbies.

The ISTP’s practical skills and flexible adaptability can really complement the INTJ’s long-term planning and execution. This makes for successful relationships that can be filled with many intellectual conversations and freedom for each to focus on self-improvement.

Possible challenges can arise over communication styles and (lack of) emotional connection. The ISTP personality type tends to be a bit reserved and more focused on immediate experiences. The INTJ seeks more fulfilling engagements in their relationships.

12 – ESTP + INTJ Relationship


INTJs find ESTPs to be smart adventurous souls that they can have fun talking with. The two types make for good listeners to each other through an aspect of playful intrigue.

The INTJ falls for the goofiness, endless energy, and secret wits of the ESTP. On the other hand, the ESTP enjoys the wisdom the INTJ personality type desires to offer and will feel activated to further develop their skills of discernment, persistence, and intelligence.

Of the 16 Socionics intertype relationships, these two are considered a “half-dual” relation which has natural chemistry compared to relations with other personality types.

13 – ISFP + INTJ Relationship


These two can feel eerily alike unexpectedly. The ISFP personality type will admire the productiveness of the INTJ who exudes a silent strength in their being through their grit and determination. The INTJ partner appreciates the balance an ISFP brings to the relationship work.

INTJs partners have a distaste for overly emotional outbursts, but they will see how ISFP can be incredible partners who offer very stable emotional support and mutual understanding. The two may struggle to find topics they can talk about for a long time together, filling silence sometimes with too much small talk.

14 – ESFP + INTJ Relationship


This combo could feel somewhat like a perfect relationship as ESFPs and INTJs seek the personality traits of each other in an ideal partner. This could be very surprising because at a surface-level, quick glance they seem entirely opposite with every opposite letter in the type code preferences.

However, this pairing is known as a “dual” intertype relation in Socionics that is characterized by reverse order shared conscious cognitive functions. The ESFP function stack is Se-Fi-Te-Ni, while the INTJ function stack is Ni-Te-Fi-Se.

Therefore, these two types have each other’s weaknesses as strengths and vice versa, making for a high level of natural attraction in comparison to other personality types.

Together, an ESFP offers a good balance to an INTJ in a grounding, emotionally stable manner while the INTJ contributes guidance and organization to the relationship. Effortlessly, the two will love spending time together as they often feel like they could learn a lot from the other person and enjoy developing themselves as a result of the presence of their partner.

15 – ISTJ + INTJ Relationship


Relationships between an ISTJ and an INTJ can be founded upon shared values with a focus on effectiveness and production. The two will love each other’s attention to detail, sustainable reliability, and executive planning habits.

As romantic partners, they may struggle with compromising and graceful flexibility as both can sometimes experience brief moments of being overly emotional and stubborn in their approaches.

Additionally, the INTJ seeks different topics of discussion than what an ISTJ may prefer to routinely talk about. This is similar to the challenge that arises in ISFJ + INTJ relationships, because the ISTJ Inspector and ISFJ Defender both lead with introverted sensing (Si) which is the polar opposite of the introverted intuition (Ni) that an INTJ leads with.

16 – ESTJ + INTJ Relationship


The INTJ will deeply admire the hardworking nature of the ESTJ, whose success is inevitable in their life through sheer will and consistency. The ESTJ will respect the grand visioning ability, strategic planning, and great execution of goals and businesses of the INTJ.

This pair can make for a very long-term, committed relationship together. They can be a power couple with the brains of an INTJ and the grit of an ESTJ. To each other, each partner could feel that they found the right person to feel connected to and to build a life together with.

Who Are INTJs?

INTJ’s Strengths

  • INTJs are amazing at critical thinking, analyzing, and understanding complex concepts or abstract theories
  • INTJs are self-motivated naturally and relentlessly pursue personal goals
  • INTJs are organized, efficient, and focused under pressure
  • INTJs are lifelong learners who have a never-ending desire for knowledge and learning


INTJ’s Weaknesses

  • An INTJ may struggle with perfectionism, impatience, and intolerance for inefficiency
  • An INTJ can overlook their own and others’ emotional needs
  • An INTJ could overthink, overanalyze, or be overly critical (especially under stress)


This distinction between INTJ-A and INTJ-T is actually NOT based on the original framework on MBTI. This actually was made up of the online test that combined the testing guidelines of the Big 5 personality framework along with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator framework.

Big 5 Personality Traits: “OCEAN”

The site correlated type preferences to each of the 5 personality traits. OCEAN is the acronym used to easily remember each of the traits.

  • O is for Openness, which the test correlates to a spectrum between Sensation and Intuition (S vs N)
  • C is for Conscientiousness, which correlates to Judging and Perceiving (J vs P)
  • E is for Extraversion, which correlates to Introversion and Extroversion (I vs E)
  • A is for Agreeableness, which correlates to Feeling and Thinking (F vs T)
  • N is for Neuroticism, which does not correlate to any MBTI type preference… which is why they made up the aspect of “assertive” (-a) and “turbulent” (-t)


I hope you enjoyed this summary of what each type is like when dating an INTJ with the INTJ compatibility chart and who the INTJ is.

If you have any requests for a compatibility chart to understand MBTI relationships, please let me know! Wishing you the best in learning about how each type can find a great partner through the lens of 16 personality types and understanding Jungian cognitive functions.


I truly believe that these frameworks can be used as a powerful tool in picking an awesome partner and sustaining a happy long-term relationship.