Grab this super cute 88-page guide full of visual summaries!

This visual guide lays out all the essentials of the 16 Personalities Typology, compiled from over a dozen in-depth MBTI books.

At a glance, know the unique strengths of each type, understand the categories each type is a part of, and learn the 16 types’ predictable responses & reliable solutions to stress.

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This MBTI Cheat Sheet was curated with you in mind, to make your learning experience easy & enjoyable with cute characters & beautiful graphics!


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“This MBTI guide created by Lizz is easy to understand, fun, and super informative! I found myself breezing through it, and finishing it in a day. Makes me excited to see what else Lizz creates down the line. 10/10 recommend!”

“The pictures and infographics made it an engaging and fun way to learn more about the MBTI system!”

“Lizz’s MBTI guide is a very comprehensive yet easily digestible review of the 16 personality types and various cognitive functions/temperaments. This guide will help you understand yourself and others on a deeper level. The pictures and infographics made it an engaging and fun way to learn more about the MBTI system!”

Julia, Enneagram Expert

“This colorful and engaging guide is handy for seeing how the functions work together within each different Myers-Briggs type. it is also a good way to learn about the type of grip stress that affects each type.”

Caroline, LotsaFunMaps

MBTI Cheat Sheet sections:

  • 1. 16 Psychological Types: Function Strengths at a Glance

  • 2. 2 x 2 x 2 Functions: 8 Jungian Cognitive Processes

  • 3. 4 Dichotomies: Exploring 8 Letters + Updated Statistics

  • 4. 4 Temperaments: Guardian, Artisan, Idealist, Rational

  • 5. 4 Quadras: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta

  • 6. 8 Archetypes: An 8-function Model by John Beebe

  • 7. 16 Intertype Relations: Functional Relationship Between 2 Types

  • 8. 16 Types in Grip Stress: Triggers, Forms, Solutions, & Benefits

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