ENTP Compatibility: MBTI Chart for Best Match Relationships in Dating

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Understanding ENTP Compatibility and ENTP Relationships

Are you looking for a quick summary of ENTP compatibility to understand romantic relationships for this personality type?

Are you thinking of dating an ENTP and want to learn what ENTPs tend to like? Or are you an ENTP personality type and want an overview comparison with the 16 different personality types?

Well, look no further. Please enjoy this article to learn about an ENTP partner in a romantic relationship.

What are ENTPs attracted to?

Are you trying to make an ENTP fall in love with you? Because you’ll first need to understand what this personality type craves in their relationships.

ENTP appreciates intellectual stimulation, emotional consciousness, and constant growth. To sustain an emotional connection, ENTP partners need to be able to communicate effectively about new ideas.

ENTPs are social butterflies that are smooth talkers. They love to discuss such a range of topics, but the ENTP love language is good debate and deep conversations. They need a mental connection with a romantic partner to keep the spark alive in a healthy relationship.

You can read a summary of who ENTPs really are at the conclusion of this post!

ENTP Compatibility Chart


This is a simplified MBTI ENTP compatibility chart for the ENTP personality type. On the y-axis is a spectrum for ease of compatibility, while the x-axis indicates if the other type promotes growth in the ENTP.

I have based this chart on Socionic intertype relationships and my personal INFJ compatibility chart.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator & Jung’s 8 Cognitive Functions

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a fun way to learn new perspectives on how different personality types might match up as romantic partners in real life. This type code of psychological type was developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cook Briggs, but the original model was based on Carl Gustav Jung.

Carl Jung’s theory on the 8 cognitive functions helps us understand communication styles, personality preferences, and decision-making standards of the unique personality types. The personality types tend to have a certain way of orienting themselves to the world that is identified through this psychological framework.

One word of caution is that many people may take the Myers-Briggs personality test and get a certain type as a result that may be inaccurate. An online free personality test is limited. It is a good idea to verify a person’s type through the demonstrative use of cognitive functions.


Anyways, let’s explore what a romantic relationship looks like for each of the Myers-Briggs personality types with an ENTP!

ENTP Compatibility with Each of the MBTI Personality Types

1 – INFJ + ENTP Relationship


ENTP has sometimes been deemed a “perfect match” for INFJ. Both are intuitive types that enjoy conversations about concepts, potential ideas, and possible future improvements. The ENTP will be open to constantly engaging in deep discussions with the INFJ.

The INFJ is attracted to the ENTP’s optimistic nature, well-developed logic, and occasionally hilarious dry humor. The ENTP admires the INFJ’s compassion, adventurous side, and willingness to engage in debate.

Both will enjoy teaching their partner new perspectives. These two have a good chance of keeping one another entertained and supporting each other to grow. INFJs lead with introverted intuition (Ni) which creates a fun dynamic balance with the lead function extraverted intuition (Ne) of ENTPs.

This dynamic duo can bring out the silliness and seriousness in each other, allowing a depth of experiences together.

2 – ENFJ + ENTP Relationship


ENTPs and ENFJs can be an ideal match as both types share an intuitive nature and thrive on engaging in conversations about fun ideas and envisioning possibilities.

The ENFJ admires the ENTP’s well-honed logical thinking, optimistic outlook on life, and dry sense of humor. The ENTP is enticed by the ENFJ’s adventurous spirit, genuine compassion, and willingness to engage in respectfully heated debates.

Both extroverts derive joy from introducing each other to different points of view and having fun together will be a mutual priority.

3 – INTP + ENTP Relationship


An INTP and ENTP pairing is made up of two very smart analysts. Intellectually, this is arguably the best match for one another because of the way each personality type can understand the other, their ways of thinking, and how their thoughts correspond to reality. Both types enjoy researching and learning extensively about such a wide range of worldly topics, issues, and history.

The INTP will be activated in an invigorating sense by the energy of the ENTP and in conversation, the ENTP will be impressed by the depth of exploration that the INTP contributes.

When dating an ENTP, this particular pair might not be the most romantic with each other but they will feel beyond grateful for their incredibly intelligent, kind, and respectful partner.

4 – ENTP + ENTP Relationship


Two ENTPs can create a really exciting relationship filled with constant exploration and fun long conversations. As an ENTP, dating ENTPs will probably not be a common encounter or choice in relationships so they will be a unique one-in-a-lifetime feeling to such a personality match. They have a lot of common ground they can agree upon together.

Both ENTPs will desire intellectual stimulation that is satisfied primarily through talking, so the two will need to learn how to balance listening and being listened to. As voluntary devil’s advocates, they will need to practice emotional consciousness to keep the respect and trust between each other.

Each partner may feel a bit surprised that people as playful as themselves exist when they encounter other ENTPs. The emotional connection probably will not be a priority, but both ENTPs will enjoy exploring abstract concepts, worldly issues, and creative solutions.

5 – INFP + ENTP Relationship


Between an INFP and ENTP, there will definitely be a little bit of friction between differences in decision-making rationale and judgments. However, an ENTP will learn a lot about how to embody personal values from the INFP healer personality type. ENTPs are super kind, friendly, and charismatic people, but they sometimes totally forget about tuning in to their own emotional intuitions.

The INFP will enjoy the lively talks when interacting with or dating an ENTP, while the ENTP will see how this idealist prioritizes emotional integrity in staying true to their feelings. The two make a suitable match, but definitely may experience some challenges in coming to agreements about certain choices of the other.

6 – ENFP + ENTP Relationship


These two are kindred counterparts who share a sense of crazy in their enthusiastic energies. They will impress each other with their creative ways of speaking and drawing in many various references and jokes.

They will have a similar approach to life with different executions of priorities. The love language shared is of exploring imaginative discussions with their extroverted intuition (Ne) lead functions.

As exciting as these two could feel together, they might need to keep a handle on balancing energy outputs and preferences for stimulation. Both the ENFP and ENTP can be sort of ambivert personality types, who although are true extroverts, need dedicated time for introspection and chill relaxation.

7 – INTJ + ENTP Relationship


In one-on-one contact, these two can talk endlessly about a wide range of discussions. The INTJ will make a good point that an ENTP will happily build off of and the two will synchronize in mental expansion to find new conclusions.

However, after a while, the INTJ will need a break from the ENTP person who is obviously more extraverted. When dating an ENTP, all introverts should keep this in mind.

The INTJ will attempt to push the ENTP to accomplish more, while the ENTP will try to convince the INTJ to have more light-hearted fun in their pursuits of life.

8 – ENTJ + ENTP Relationship


These two are a perfect match for one another in terms of energy and a desire for good debate through logical rationale. Compared to other personality types, these two will flaunt a fearless ability to defend their thoughts and why they believe such to be the universal truth to others.

ENTPs will endlessly admire the personal grit of how much an ENTJ is pursuing and accomplishing, while an ENTJ will happily foster growing relationships with ENTPs whom they recognize as fun opponents who won’t take their logical attacks personally.

9 – ISFJ + ENTP Relationship


ISFJs and ENTPs might feel like polar opposites, but they can actually be a relatively good match for a long-term relationship. In Socionics, this combo is known as a “Dual” intertype relation because they share the same exact same conscious cognitive functions in reverse order to each other.

These two types are down to earth with a sweet emotional side that they would bring out in each other. The ISFJ will admire the creativity and quick wit of the ENTP, while the ENTP will cherish the wholesome and deeply caring kindness of the ISFJ.

They will promote personal development in each other in an easy and almost effortless manner in comparison to other personality types.

10 – ESFJ + ENTP Relationship


In ESFJ and ENTP relationships, they are a similarity that could immediately be felt because these two types share all the same cognitive functions in different orders. In Socionics, they are referred to as an “activation” relation.

As two extroverts, they may actually activate a more introverted side of each other. It is best to enjoy their relationship in a restful or vacation setting as this may not be a suitable match for daily interaction. Spending quality time together should be light-hearted as miscommunications can happen during extensive contact.

11 – ISTP + ENTP Relationship


The ISTP will enjoy the endless complexity of the mind of an ENTP, while the ENTP will enjoy the ISTPs willingness to playfully banter. ENTPs tend to like to provoke people (in harmless manners) and the ISTP personality type will happily take on the challenge.

These two could easily be good friends or best buddies that are mischievously up to no good together. They similarly see life as a joke or as a game to be enjoyed in the simplest ways.

12 – ESTP + ENTP Relationship


ESTP and ENTP relationships are easy-going, fun, and full of adventure. The ESTP will encourage more physical activities and spontaneous choices. Both will admire how the other interacts with the world, feeling similar in many ways yet obviously contrasting in others.

More than other personality types, both ESTPs and ENTPs have a certain attractive charisma to them that they use when talking to people. They are charming and can be quite a dynamic pair of individuals. ESTPs will really bring out the extraverted, fun-seeking side of an ENTP.

They probably will not prioritize personal development or pursuing long-term goals, but each partner will genuinely enjoy the presence of the other. This relationship will be filled with jokes about anything and everything in between.

13 – ISFP + ENTP Relationship


Of all the relationships possible for an ENTP with the 16 different types, ISFP would be the least recommended one. In Socionics, this relationship is known as a “Conflict” intertype relation as the two do not share any cognitive functions and are of opposite preferences for introversion/extroversion.

14 – ESFP + ENTP Relationship


ESFPs and ENTPs also do not share anything cognitive functions, similar to the ISFP + ENTP dilemma mentioned above.

However, ENTPs will at least find ESFPs sort of hilarious and can appreciate the outgoing, social nature of these social butterflies. An ESFP might consider dating an ENTP, but the relationship honestly might be short-lived.

The two types just crave different things than what each partner could offer to the relationship. They are better off pursuing a romantic relationship with other personality types, but these two can make for fun friends to know.

15 – ISTJ + ENTP Relationship


They will be a sort of instant attraction that you can quite pin down between ISTJs and ENTPs as they are “half-dual” to each other. The strength of one attracts the admiration of the other partner.

ENTPs are wild card personalities, but they will appreciate the stability, steadiness, and security of an ISTJ. While ISTJs will love the vibrant energy of an ENTP. This is a suitable match, but it will take work to understand why their partner makes their decisions as they have quite different reasons.

16 – ESTJ + ENTP Relationship


ENTPs can learn a lot from an ESTJ partner. This relationship will be held stable by the hardworking grit of the ESTJ who has a clear sense of how to succeed in the world. The ESTJ will think the world of the charm of an ENTP, while the ENTP will see what a powerful tool of mind the ESTJ possesses.

ENTPs will always be equipped to contribute new ideas, while the ESTJ will always be ready to bring a sense of reality to the conversations.

Who Are ENTPs?


ENTP Strengths

  • ENTPs are independent thinkers that are idea-oriented
  • ENTPs are quick thinkers that can find creative solutions to complicated issues they observe
  • Extraverted Intuition (Ne) leads ENTPs to enjoy exploring complex ideas
  • ENTP parents make fun, loving parents

ENTP Weaknesses

  • ENTPs have diverted attention to many different interests that may sometimes get them stuck in their own way
  • ENTPs with low emotional sensitivity may sometimes make one insensitive to the feelings of others (particularly maybe a partner)


This distinction between ENTP-A and ENTP-T is actually NOT based on the original framework on MBTI. This actually was made up of the 16personalities.com online test that combined the testing guidelines of the Big 5 personality framework along with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator framework.

The site correlated type preferences to each of the 5 personality traits. OCEAN is the acronym used to easily remember each of the traits.

  • O is for Openness, which the test correlates to a spectrum between Sensation and Intuition (S vs N)
  • C is for Conscientiousness, which correlates to Judging and Perceiving (J vs P)
  • E is for Extraversion, which correlates to Introversion and Extroversion (I vs E)
  • A is for Agreeableness, which correlates to Feeling and Thinking (F vs T)
  • N is for Neuroticism, which does not correlate to any MBTI type preference… which is why they made up the aspect of “assertive” (-a) and “turbulent” (-t)


I hope you enjoyed this summary of what each type is like when dating an ENTP with the ENTP compatibility chart and who the ENTPs are.

If you have any requests for a compatibility chart, please let me know! Wishing you the best in learning about how each type can find a great partner through the lens of 16 personality types and understanding Jungian cognitive functions.

I truly believe that these frameworks can be used as a powerful tool in picking an awesome partner and sustaining a happy long-term relationship.