The Socionics Quadra Story – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta Development

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The Socionics Quadra Story – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta Development

What Makes a Socionics Quadra?

Quadra is the term in Socionics that groups together psychological types that share the same cognitive functions. There are 4 quadras that are each made up of 4 types.

In his book, Viktor Gulenko explains well why each socionics quadra is the way that they are in regards to necessity for the development of a society. In my content, I represent the quadras by shirt colors for each of the types. Learn more about the key differences in my Socionics overview and about the 16 different intertype socionic relationships.

The 4 Quadras (Goals + Quadral Traits)


Alpha = Dark Gray shirts

Beta = White shirts

Gamma = Black shirts

Delta = Light Gray shirts



Alpha Quadra

Cognitive Functions: NeSi axis + Fe-Ti axis

Types: INTP Researcher, ENTP Debater, ISFJ Defender, ESFJ Caregiver

Goal: Establish community

Alpha types are the most likely types to practice the initial strong dependence necessary (such as in a family) between members to form a group.

The initiating-evolutionary alpha quadra eventually create a harmonious social environment that has the potential for expansion.


Beta Quadra

Cognitive Functions: NiSe axis + FeTi axis

Types: INFJ Advocate, ENFJ Mentor, ISTP Craftsman, ESTP Explorer

Goal: Spread community

Beta types have organizational methods that excel at teaching knowledge in a charismatic way. Through a spiritual and psychological aspect, the beta types have a direct influence on others with contagious energy and thoughts.

The beta quadra’s order as second in the socion serves to expand from one’s own small group to recruit outsiders who are attracted to their beliefs.


Gamma Quadra

Cognitive Functions: Ni-Se axis + FiTe axis

Types: INTJ Mastermind, ENTJ Commander, ISFP Designer, ESFP Entertainer

Goal: Expansion + conquer new discoveries

Gamma types enjoy moderate individualism, value their personal sense of freedom, and avoid rigid dependencies.

They love to expand beyond their immediate environment in the civilized world through business interaction. Gamma types truly have the entrepreneurial tools necessary in their personalities to succeed at building wealth.

In the gamma phase, class stratification and social hierarchy occur rapidly.


Delta Quadra

Cognitive Functions: Ne-Si axis + Fi-Te axis

Types: INFP Dreamer, ENFP Inspirer, ESTJ Supervisor, ISTJ Inspector

Goal: Enjoy optimized society

Delta types enjoy maximizing the enjoyment of satisfactory conclusion of an optimized socion.



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