Alpha Quadra: Socionics Harmonizing Types

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What is the Alpha Quadra in Socionics?

The Alpha Quadra is the first quaternion of sociotypes that help to establish the socion. Alpha types are unified with strong familial and research values. They are characterized by low competitiveness along with comfortable friendliness. They communicate with positive emotional expression.

They perform the necessary establishing role in the socion as their values are needed for the first phase of a community. Of all quadras, Alpha types have the greatest comfort as well as cognitive potential.


The Alpha Quadra’s mission in society is the inception of fundamentally new knowledge along with spreading alpha cognition.

Every ancient and democratic community needed this first quadra (a democratic quadra) to establish understanding and make organized groups.

What is a Quadra?

In this book, Viktor Gulenko defines “Quadra — a quaternion of sociotypes (four sociotypes) with a high degree of internal comfort, which is characterized by a temperamental balance. Quadra contains two dual pairs of sociotypes with shared communicative priorities (values)… Quadras perform historically different missions in society. In this case, quadras are understood as generations — one of the four phases of the development of any sustainable community.”


Valued Elements of the Alpha Quadra Types

  • An inviting group dynamic and friendly group activity, with social and moral support to be able to express oneself freely
  • Effectively lead organized groups that are founded with mutual respect and equal rights (democratic community)
  • Conversions that share and discuss stories told (how events happened with sober concrete details)
  • Mental harmony when sharing intellectual aspects, even if they are disagreements
  • Alphas dislike social and information isolation
  • Alphas tend to usually have relatively low material interest and are not driven by direct monetary gain opportunities

Overall, this quadra is the most family-friendly types and would never be anti-collectivists. Alpha types typically follow long-standing traditions and prefer people united.

Who are in Alpha Quadra?


Cognitive Functions: NeSi axis + Fe-Ti axis

MBTI Types: INTP Researcher, ENTP Debater, ISFJ Defender, ESFJ Caregiver

Sociotypes: LII, ILE, SEI, ESE (in the same order corresponding to above MBTI types)

Goal: Establish community through logically consistent beliefs and providing a positive atmosphere for connections

Personal Values for each Alpha Type

Well, we could divide the alpha types into the 2 intuitives (INTP Researcher + ENTP Debater) and the 2 sensors (ISFJ Defender + ESFJ Caregiver) to understand the alpha values.

Alpha Intuitives

Alpha discussions tend to require the free exchange of information. The INTP and ENTP love to discuss highly theoretical concepts along with any unusual personal observations.

This activates a delightful intellectual stimulation for their extroverted intuition (Ne) and introverted thinking (Ti) functions. They love discussing imaginative ideas with simple curiosity.


These analysts would be the alpha quadral scientists who are at the forefront of intellectual discovery and exploration. In alpha society, one important rule is that everyone can speak freely in the exchange of information and knowledge.

Alpha intuitives love to discuss one’s own curiosity and share their own view to see if others have the same observations of the world. They enjoy participating in engaging discussions where individuals demonstrate knowledge of interesting concepts.

Introverted thinking (Ti) craves to develop knowledge for the sake of truth, even without the applicable immediate utility or usefulness of such information.

Alpha Sensors

The sensing alpha types tend to provide many small practical services to make a pleasant group atmosphere for others. The ISFJ and ESFJ are dedicated to their personal relationships and excel at easily drawing people toward their warmth through

For them, the ideal alpha group situation is founded upon stability, duty, and practical merits in everyday life. These two types particularly excel at providing comfort to others through sharing funny personal experiences and light-hearted jokes. They love narrating personal experiences with dramatic expressions to connect to people emotionally.

Alpha sensors are wonderful hosts, who feel energized by providing an atmosphere pleasing to others. They are the types that celebrate all the public holidays and love to plan special celebrations.

The 4 Quadras (Quadra Descriptions & Quadral Traits)

Alpha Quadra

Alpha types are the most likely types to practice the initial strong dependence necessary (such as in a family) between members to form a group.

The initiating-evolutionary alpha quadra eventually create a harmonious social environment that has the potential for expansion.

Beta Quadra

Beta types have organizational methods that excel at teaching knowledge in a charismatic way. Through a spiritual and psychological aspect, the beta types have a direct influence on others with contagious energy and thoughts.


The beta quadra’s order as second in the socion serves to expand from one’s own small group to recruit outsiders who are attracted to their beliefs.

Gamma Quadra

Gamma types enjoy moderate individualism, value their personal sense of freedom, and avoid rigid dependencies.

They love to expand beyond their immediate environment in the civilized world through business interaction. Gamma types truly have the entrepreneurial tools necessary in their personalities to succeed at building wealth.


In the gamma phase, class stratification and social hierarchy occur rapidly.

Delta Quadra

Delta types enjoy maximizing the enjoyment of satisfactory conclusion of an optimized socion.


The delta types are great at maintaining and appreciating what has already been achieved in such a society.



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