What’s My Type? (Ideal Type Quiz)

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What’s My Type? (Ideal Type Quiz)

Are you wondering “Whats my type?”

Use this quick quiz to find out what is your type for a potential partner. Learn what you find attractive and crave in a relationship. Is it fun, devotion, or intellectual stimulation? Compare results with friends to discover your ideal type of person versus their ideal romantic partner.


Everyone has unique preferences. Find out what kind of great personality types you are attracted to. You don’t need much spare time, because this quiz is only two simple questions.

However, with the input, you will receive helpful clarity to get an idea of your perfect match for a life partner. This can help you plan and evaluate how you date and manage any romantic relationship.

Take the What’s My Type Quiz

Click this button below to take the quiz now. It’s only 2 questions. Approach it with an open mind and an honest heart to figure out what qualities you’re looking for in your best potential partner. Have fun!

What is Your Type? (MBTI)

I have a few other free personality quizzes available here on my website, such as to figure out your MBTI type quiz. You could also consider answering these 4 simple questions to determine which of the 16 MBTI personality types you are.

This test is based upon the 8 Jungian cognitive functions, unlike the 16personalities.com site! You can read about why I no longer recommend that site in this article about 16Personalities.

The 16 personalities is a great personality framework and it is personally my favorite in the world. I prefer it over the Enneagram, Big 5, or any other choice. I am confident to share that in my honest opinion, it offers deep insights into how a person makes decisions and intakes information.

Love or Lust Quiz

Another fun quiz I recently created was a simple, 7-question quiz to determine if your romance is love or lust. Are you just attracted to a person superficially or are their true feelings of love? Get a sense as you answer through the statements of qualities.

The Quest In Mission

My one wish for this site is to create self-development resources for you to discover your unique personality. I write fun reads that you can browse through on your typical friday night when you have spare time to learn about yourself. After years of taking psychology classes and reading personality books, I have an endless supply of content to share.

So if you’re new here, WELCOME & please feel free to stick around as I continue to create fun quizzes, articles, and resources to answer your juiciest questions about relationships, personality, and personal development!


You’ll learn that I like to go soul-deep to explore emotions, attraction, and how to date. I would describe my place in the world as a creative teacher who loves sharing with friends, family, & now the internet interesting new things I’ve learned. My style aspires to be teddy bear cute, while still being a person of useful matter.

Conclusion for What’s My Type Quizzes

This quiz and any other quizzes I create are meant to be free resources for you to learn about yourself.

You can share them with your friends or family to start a conversation about personality. When you equip yourself with the words and frameworks to talk about the different aspects, interests, and dreams you prefer, you will be able to relate to others more authentically with a greater sense of confidence in how you describe yourself versus others.

Personal discovery is a wise use of your spare time because you will learn how to answer your most important questions from within. Doing the inner work will be an investment that pays generously to enhance your relationships, experience of feelings, and development of consciousness.


If you have any requests for content of your interests, please do not be afraid to use my contact form box to let me know!

I am on a quiz-creating spree lately as I find quizzes to be so fun to share with the world, particularly the romance/attraction matter.



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