Love or Lust Quiz (Lust vs Love)

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Are you looking for a quick Love or Lust Quiz?

Take this 7-question Love or Lust Quiz to help determine whether your connection is beyond physical attraction. Is it instead a deep emotional connection with the potential for a sustainable long-term relationship? Or are the intense feelings merely a sexual or physical connection?


Romantic relationships start similarly whether it is love or lust because sexual desire and physical excitement are the first driving force when pursuing a romantic partner. Love takes time, but we all feel lust at first. According to relationship expert Helen Fisher, lust is the essential first stage of love. The physical attraction we feel at first sight is foundational to developing romantic love.

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Key Differences of Lust and Love

Here are a few helpful signs to help you tell the difference between feeling lust and feeling love. These are a few key evolutions for what love becomes beyond just physical intimacy or sexual gratification.

Love is…

  • Genuinely caring for the other person’s well-being.
  • Desiring to simply spend time together during your free time.
  • Bonding on a deeper level through mental and emotional connection.


Lust is…

  • Prioritizing personal pleasure and receiving affection. (taking over giving)
  • Primarily bonding through sexual attraction, sexual intimacy, and physical connection.
  • Experiencing strong feelings that feel exciting but unstable.

The Goal of Understanding Love and Lust

We all are vulnerable to starting out naive and confusing sexual desire with real love. Love, lust, or lost in feelings. We mistake someone else’s sexual attraction toward us as romantic love, when really he or she may just be experiencing lust.

It takes a bit of life experience to tell the difference of love and lust. However, when you can decipher whether it is love or lust, you will save yourself a lot of time and heartache in long-term relationships.

Conclusion on Love vs Lust

Hopefully this quiz and this short article will be a helpful starting place to separate lust and love. May your relationships in life be full of true intimacy and deep emotional connection. When you’re wondering if it’s love or lust, perhaps you can define the two feelings for yourself now so that you may recognize each in the future.

Here are my corny descriptions of love and lust…

Love and lust differ by emotions generated. Lust is a sexual connection, filled with excitement and adventure. Lust feels like the dangerous fun in life, where the pursuit of desire is of utmost importance. Happiness is focused on the present, immediate satisfactions. You might feel obsessed about the person and cannot get them out of your mind.


Love on the other hand feels like home in the sweetest sense, even if you never really had a safe place to call home. The person doesn’t bring feelings of doubt or fear, but instead, your person feels safe. It is a connection filled with intimacy that doesn’t require just sexual desire. You both are interested in each other’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. You want the best for each other and cannot help but express genuine affection toward your partner.

Lust happens quickly, but fades beyond sex. Love happens gradually and grows in strength over time as you get to truly know your person.

True love has an infinite number of ways to be described, understood, and experienced. The other aspects of a person outside of sex become much more important and fulfilling. The relationship endures challenges with pleasure as the two feelings for one another grow together. Emotions don’t feel scary and instead embody an aura of security.


Real love feels attraction beyond sexual desire and instead prioritizes each other’s well being. The physical appearance stops mattering as much. The person becomes your best friend who loves being on the same page with you as far as planning for the future and sharing goals. Life starts to feel too short because you can’t find enough quality time with this person.

I could go on, but I have a feeling that you get the idea of the difference…

Anyways, until next time Quest In friends! Stay tuned if you’re interested in more romance and dating content. I have a dozen fun articles planned around the intimate topic. I want to share things I have learned from relationship experts that helped me find and choose an amazing partner through intentional dating.


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