5 Juicy How to Date Men When You Hate Men Quotes

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What is How to Date Men When You Hate Men?

“How to Date Men When You Hate Men” is dating advice packaged in a comedy philosophy book aimed to make readers think and laugh a little at modern society. Some claim that it is an incredibly funny read if you have the open-hearted willingness to give Onion writer and comedian Blythe Roberson your attention.

The book takes a jab at heterosexual dating, single life, and trappings of modern society. Blythe Roberson’s sharp observational humor assures readers that other humans also struggle as much as most of us do in the journey of dating.


I actually haven’t read the book, but I found these quotes by Blythe Roberson to be thought-provoking, spunky, and worth sharing. In the spirit of love-centered February (hello Valentine’s Day), I have felt inspired to publish some content on dating advice on how to date in our modern society.

This book’s title caught my attention because how does one date men when you claim to hate men… Hint: You need to focus on inner work and healing masculine wounds from childhood or previous romantic relationships!

5 Best How to Date Men When You Hate Men Book Quotes


Quote on Crushes

“Crushes are basically love energy within yourself that you use the idea of another person to access.”

— Blythe Roberson (How to Date Men When You Hate Men)


Quote on Self-Worth & Love

“You don’t need to be in love to count as a human”

— Blythe Roberson (How to Date Men When You Hate Men)


Quote on Judgement & Sexual Objectification

“Even more than I hate commodifying myself, I hate men judging me as a commodity. For thousands of years, women have been throughout their lives reduced to their worth as sexual objects (slash domestic workers). We learn very early on to go to great lengths to increase our sexual value in the eyes of men, without even realizing that’s why we’re (for example) agonizing over whether our one snack for the day should be a pear or a seventy-calorie sugar-free yogurt. For years- much of my childhood and early twenties- I spent the largest portion of my conscious thought on food and how much I hated and was terrified of my body. It has taken a lot of work to divorce my view of my body and my feelings of romantic worthiness from outside sources. I’m afraid apps would undermine that effort.”

— Blythe Roberson (How to Date Men When You Hate Men)


Quote on Control through Dieting Obsession

“A culture fixated on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty, but an obsession about female obedience. Dieting is the most potent political sedative in women’s history; a quietly mad population is a tractable one.”

— Blythe Roberson (How to Date Men When You Hate Men)

Quote on Situationship Dating

“Was it a date?”: the question of our generation. Not in importance, obviously—that’s “How do we dismantle white-supremacist capitalist patriarchal power structures?” and “Are we already 100 percent screwed with regard to global warming?” and “Is Amelia Earhart still alive out there?” But “Was it a date?” is our question in terms of being genuinely more difficult to answer now than at previous points in history.”

— Blythe Roberson (How to Date Men When You Hate Men)

Conclusion on How to Date Men When You Hate Men

If you’re looking for some alternative dating advice packaged in a healthy dose of strange humor, then you might consider picking yourself up a copy of “How to Date Men When You Hate Men” by Onion writer and comedian Blythe Roberson. The joke is that dating men rarely works, especially men when you hate men…


However, if your own suspect decisions are what has led to your unfavorable outcomes – the better option might be to consider focusing on raising your self-awareness and doing some inner work to raise your consciousness instead. When you heal and then date, you will have a much better experience and outcome.

The book sort of seems like satirical feminist fun, but it completely belittles healthy masculinity. Women need the true open-hearted willingness to appreciate good men because, despite the bad joke that men suck, society needs healthy masculine men.

The best dating advice for finding a good man is to find a man who had a very healthy masculine role model throughout their life. Those men are the ones who know how to cherish, protect, and care for their woman.

Lastly, if you think that all men suck and that you hate men… Then you might need to look in a mirror and realize that YOU are the unhealthy one. Because when you are a healthy feminine, you know how to appreciate and honor the masculine for their contributions as they equally honor you.




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