How to Raise Consciousness

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The Goal of Raising Your Consciousness

Conscious awareness is a gift to yourself to cultivate so that you can consistently experience higher consciousness in the present moment. In my last article on reprogramming the subconscious mind, I shared the different brain waves as described in Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza and how our subconscious is formed primarily before the age of 7 when our brains are primarily in a more receptive state.

Children have a low level of conscious awareness as a result of being in such a receptive brain state most of the time. Therefore, at that age children accept many claims as truths without question and form subconscious beliefs about the world.


It becomes our journey throughout our lives to become a conscious person to deactivate any subconscious limiting beliefs. Raising consciousness is not an easy task, because some beliefs may be deeply ingrained. Some people who never take on the goal of higher consciousness may go their entire life without conscious thinking.

How to Raise Your Consciousness

Your consciousness is high when you are connected deeply to your true inner self and can consciously pay attention to your emotional reactions to respond appropriately in the present moment non-judgmentally.

One of the greatest spiritual practices is meditation. Taking time to observe your inner world without judgment helps you to regain consciousness that may be stunted from stress, overwhelm, or burnout.


How to Increase Your Consciousness with Meditation

Practicing mindfulness through a meditative spiritual practice has two main components.

The first is paying attention to your thoughts as an observer.

The second is accepting those thoughts while feeling fully present.

Attention and acceptance of your inner voice. Then you can consciously choose to either let go or what doesn’t serve you or to focus on what really matters. Perhaps you allow creative ideas to flow that are solution-focused and the best-case scenario is you feel a deep sense of the next step moving forward.

If meditation is relatively new to you, start with guided meditations that you can find for free on Youtube. In guided meditations, you are active listening to somebody guiding you through what to focus on which makes the process an easier meditation. Usually, by the end you’ll find it decreases anxiety and allows you access to full awareness of your consciousness.

One of my favorite meditations is a 7-minute meditation by Roy Masters. I swear, it is life-changing yet so simple. Short & sweet, but helps you connect to the present in your body at a higher level.


How to Practice Consciousness

Making a habit of daily spiritual practice to meditate is one way to become a more conscious person.

Another technique is practicing gratitude because you can raise your consciousness to focus on positive things.

Depression is often when people focus too much on negative thoughts from the past, while anxiety is when people focus too much on worries about the future.

If you express gratitude in the present moment, you teach yourself the important habit of staying fully present. This can completely change your experience of the whole world as you spend time indulging in the happiness of the moment.


Practicing gratitude will raise your consciousness and overall help to improve your mental health.

One exercise I like to do when I need to tune back into the present moment is I make an ABC’s gratitude list. By the end of it, I have more energy and easier mindfulness. It is a very fun practice that helps me to stay focused on all the things going well rather than all my unnecessary worries. I encourage you to try it sometime. This year in 2024, I intend to make it a daily habit for my emotional well-being.

Conclusion: How to Be More Conscious in Life

Higher consciousness is not just for spiritual seekers. Instead, conscious awareness can benefit each human being to become a conscious person who acts from a place of calmness and peace rather than out of survival or fear.


To raise your consciousness, you take on the meaningful work of enriching your life through deactivating defense mechanisms you might have been using your entire life as a form of protection due to subconscious beliefs formed in childhood.

Raising consciousness is an investment in yourself so that you can feel a deep sense of alignment between your actions and the desires of your true self. Instead of feeling like a split personality that self-sabotages or loses control of consciousness, you can teach and practice how to stay aware of your feelings and reality. Conscious awareness is a continual practice in life to optimize your happiness through personal alignment of your thoughts, chosen beliefs, and actions.

Daily meditation and taking the time to express gratitude are two very effective ways to raise your consciousness. You can also try your best to schedule spending time with like-minded people who are also aware of consciousness.

As the new year arrived, I found myself using my free time to research rewiring the subconscious, and practice conscious awareness. For this reason, my first season of released podcast episodes will definitely be centered around consciousness and if that interests you, please stay tuned!




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