24 Money Affirmations That Actually Work (Affirmations for Wealth)

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Are you looking for some effective Money Affirmations?

Money affirmations are a great tool to train your consciousness to attracting money and financial abundance. Become a money magnet with a positive money mindset that you will be finally financially free. Rewire your subconscious mind by learning how to reprogram your subconscious beliefs with positive affirmations for more money, more abundance, and more wealth.


When should you practice Money Affirmations?

The best time to train your subconscious mind is during the transition between consciousness and sleep, which means at least twice a day you can naturally tap into an opportunity while you falling asleep or waking up.

You can either listen to affirmations for money, such as ones you can find on Youtube. Or you can create your own that you repeat in your mind while in that drifting between sleep state.


Use the money affirmations in this article if you want some super effective positive affirmations that welcome more money into your life.

Why do Money Affirmations work?

Money affirmations or any positive affirmations work because you are programming your mind to think in a certain way. Many limiting beliefs have been inherited unconsciously from others in our past, so your job is to actively choose what conscious beliefs you actually want to let go.

Affirmations are helpful to replace old negative thoughts with new positive thoughts.


If you struggle with a scarcity mindset, you can cultivate a more healthy relationship with money to allow financial abundance into your life. You need to believe that you are worthy and capable of accepting and embracing more money, even unexpected sources. You can teach yourself to even allow yourself to receive unexpected money.

If you have struggled with reaching your financial dreams, despite consistent effort, then you need to use this law of attraction method of positive money affirmations to open the doors to all the money. When you reprogram your mind to get rid of any limiting beliefs, then you will attract money easily and have financial freedom regardless of your current financial situation. You will have more than enough money as wealth flows freely to you.

These wealth affirmations will normalize succeeding at your financial goals through the open invitation to the universe to accept more money. Overcome your money obstacles and reach your money goals for financial success with affirmations.


The Esoteric of Money

In essence, money is one form of energy and you need to have a healthy relationship with money, prosperity, and wealth in order to become a natural money magnet. The law of attraction is a great mindset tool to use money mantras to normalize receiving money and creating a positive money mindset.

You will not be afraid to spend money on anything that brings you joy and ease because you will realize that you have enough money and your income exceeds your expenses. Your financial life will improve in unexpected ways as you choose money as a welcomed enhancement to increased wealth and success. You will continue to have new financial goals as you learn to freely love money because there is an unlimited universal supply available to you as long as you choose to accept money easily.

In a future article, I will summarize the book “Think and Grow Rich” so that you can truly understand why money affirmations work. Also, I’ll share some super effective affirmations for self-love, because self-love is another important precondition for money mantras to start kicking in.

You must believe yourself to be worthy and expect abundance in your life with more than enough money always flowing in. Money loves when you are grateful and know that you deserve wealthy resources. Practice gratitude and focus on the belief that you deserve to get paid for existing. Your aligned mindset while you are grateful will attract money and the prosperity you desire.


You will see how to create opportunities for yourself in the world to achieve the finances and income you desire. As you focus on new ideas, it will become crystal clear how money can enter your life in more ways through business or other avenues of success.

Alright, let’s get into the magical money affirmations that are infused with the energy of the number 8! In numeroly, 8 is a powerful energetic symbol for attracting money and financial abundance.

Affirmations for Money

  1. Money is my friend. Money is a tool. Money is good.
  2. Attracting money is easy and often I receive unexpected money.
  3. Money gets to come into, stay in, and grow with my life experience.
  4. I am worthy of all the money I deserve.
  5. I am grateful for my success with money.
  6. I get paid for my gratitude of life. I attract money because I am genuinely grateful.
  7. My creativity is a pathway to more money and each idea I have is worthy of monetary success.
  8. I gift the world with my services and receive money as payment.


Affirmations for Abundance

  1. Abundance is my birthright. The universe is a great giver and I openly receive.
  2. My net worth is more than I will ever need in life.
  3. I achieve abundant savings because my income exceeds my needs.
  4. I have enough money to do whatever I want.
  5. I spend money on anything I want because there is always more money in my life.
  6. I have financial freedom and a healthy relationship with managing my money.
  7. My financial situation makes me smile and receiving money feels so good.
  8. The amount of money I have made in life is more than I would have ever wished for. I am truly blessed.


Affirmations for Wealth

  1. I expect more wealth to continue to come into my life.
  2. I live a wealthy life of luxury, pleasure, and ease.
  3. I achieve wealth and generously share it to multiply it.
  4. I am an example of wealthy possibilities for my family because there are so many more ways to make money nowadays.
  5. I attract money from all over the globe.
  6. My mindset and belief in myself as a gift to others is the foundation of my success. I create and exchange what others desire. Money is how we trade value.
  7. It is easy for my finances to stay positive and grow.
  8. I have both inner and outer wealth.



You are now equipped with the right mindset and effective money affirmations to welcome all the money you need to finally become financially free. You know when to use this law of attraction technique to rewire your subconscious beliefs: first thing when you drowsily wake up in the morning and at last before you doze off for the night to sleep.

The what and the when are perfectly packaged in this article so that you can easily have more money and continue to attract money easily. As you enjoy more abundance, you can now focus on new goals in your life because wealthy is your new baseline.

May you enjoy your life more and engage in the world in new ways you have always wanted to as your resources & savings increase.

Sending you all the love and all the good vibes to wealth!



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