Quick MBTI Quiz (NEW!)

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Are you looking for a Quick MBTI Quiz? (4 Questions)

I am so happy to be releasing a quick MBTI quiz of only 4 questions. This is the first time I am creating and sharing a free personality test.


My goal is to make it as accurate as possible, very easily understandable, and super fast to help more people learn about Myers Briggs Type Indicator and their own psychological type.

I will be releasing more easy personality testing tools. They will be super fun and shareable.

Thank you for your patience if you have been waiting for this on my site. Managing the Quest In has been a joy and a challenge during my first year of motherhood. However, there are so many more exciting and great things to come soon. Thank you for visiting!


Why a Quick MBTI Personality Test?

The currently available free personality tests online are too long. Most people would benefit from a shorter, more concise quiz.

My quick MBTI personality test will save you the time and hassle of taking a long, unnecessary test that is misleading.

But the truth is that any free online MBTI test should simply only be a starting point for learning about your personality type!


Use this tool to narrow down which of the 16 personalities your psychological type may be.

Then explore related articles to actually learn how to use this personality theory to understand yourself and others better.

Identify Your Personality Type in 4 Questions!

My quiz is a quick way to help figure out what MBTI personality type you are.


Psychological types has over 100 years of development, first theorized by Carl Jung in 1921.

This personality framework was further developed by Katharine Myers and Isabel Briggs Myers in the following decades.

It is now more popularly known as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator or the “16 Personalities”.



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