The MBTI Socionics Correlations: 4- to 3-Letter Type Code

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Who are MBTI Socionics Correlations?

At first glance, the Socionics Types are so confusingly different from MBTI. However, it is not that complicated once you understand the type codes and what each letter represents…

I organized this post by introversion and extroversion, then by whether the type leads with a judging or perceiving function.

Socionics Types Translated from MBTI

In Socionics, introverts are named differently than in Myers Briggs (MBTI).

In MBTI, the last letter of the type code indicates WHICH function is extroverted. As a result, introverts in MBTI lead with the opposite type of function (judging versus perceiving) than what is indicated in their lettering.

For example, an “INFJ” leads with the perceiving function of introverted intuition (Ni), and the “J” in their code indicates that they extrovert their JUDGING function. The second function of an INFJ is extroverted feeling (Fe).

The judging functions are Feeling (F) and Thinking (T). The perceiving functions are Intuition (N) and Sensing (S). All 4 functions can either be extroverted or introverted, which is why there are 8 total Jungian cognitive functions.

I’ll write a full post about understanding MBTI type code as well as Socionics type code soon so that you will be able to read and understand what the letters for each personality framework mean.

For now, let’s go ahead and get started with identifying the introverts in Socionics.

Introverted Rationals (Judgers)

Socionics EII Humanist INFj


The EII Humanist in Socionics translates to the INFP Dreamer in MBTI.

Socionics LII Analyst INTj


The LII Analyst translates to the INTP Researcher in MBTI.

Socionics ESI Guardian ISFj


The ESI Guardian translates to the ISFP Designer in MBTI.

Socionics LSI Craftsman ISTj


The LSI Craftsman translates to the ISTP Craftsman in MBTI.

Introverted Irrationals (Perceivers)

Socionics IEI Romantic INFp


The IEI Romantic translates to the INFJ Advocate in MBTI.

Socionics ILI Critic INTp


The ILI Critic translates to the INTJ Mastermind in MBTI.

Socionics SEI Mediator ISFp


The SEI Mediator translates to the ISFJ Defender in MBTI.

Socionics SLI Expert ISTp


The SLI Expert translates to the ISTJ Inspector in MBTI.

Now, let’s get to know the names of the extroverts. These types share the same type code in Socionics as they do from MBTI.

Extroverted Rationals (Judgers)

Socionics EIE Mentor ENFJ


The EIE Mentor translates to the ENFJ Mentor in MBTI.

Socionics LIE Pioneer ENTJ


The LIE Pioneer translates to the ENTJ Commander in MBTI.

Socionics ESE Enthusiast ESFJ


The ESE Enthusiast translates to the ESFJ Caregiver in MBTI.

Socionics LSE Administrator ESTJ


The LSE Administrator translates to the ESTJ Supervisor in MBTI.

Extroverted Irrationals (Perceivers)

Socionics IEE Psychologist ENFP


The IEE Psychologist translates to the ENFP Inspirer in MBTI.

Socionics ILE Searcher ENTP


The ILE Searcher translates to the ENTP Debater in MBTI.

Socionics SEE Ambassador ESFP


The SEE Ambassador translates to the ESFP Entertainer in MBTI.

Socionics SLE Marshall ESTP


The SLE Marshall translates to the ESTP Explorer in MBTI.