5 Most Common INFJ Mistypes

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What are INFJ mistypes in MBTI?

Mistyping happens frequently and easily. Learn the most common INFJ mistypes for the INFJ Advocate personality type.


The personality framework of MBTI is beautiful, but not properly understood by most. Everyone hears about the 16 personalities and hurries home to take a test somebody told them about once.

They get the results and vaguely can agree that the descriptions suit their personality. However, what frequently occurs for online free personality tests are the results are close but not exactly accurate.

Oftentimes, for MBTI personality types the type code is just one letter incorrect from free online tests.

In MBTI, one letter makes a big difference.


Today, you will learn the 5 most common types likely to mistype as an INFJ.

5 Most Common INFJ Mistypes

ENFJ Mentor Personality Type


This often happens for all types: the confusion between an extroverted introvert and an introverted extrovert.

Everyone has circumstances where they are activated into extraversion and triggers when they are recluse into introversion.

INFJs and ENFJs are very similar, as ENFJs share all the same cognitive functions of an INFJ.

Both are idealists by temperament, people-focused, and relationship-driven. INFJs can be extremely outgoing if they wanted to be, and ENFJs know how to cater their energy output to match others.

However, the giveaway is that ENFJs simply have the capacity to better maintain a higher volume of relations than an INFJ ever could.

ISFJ Defender Personality Type


In Socionics, ISFJs and INFJs are consider look-a-likes as they share their judging functions of extraverted feeling (Fe) and introverted thinking (Ti).

Both introverts can easily tap into their warm, friendly, and enthusiastic sides.

However, ISFJs are much more practical and detail-oriented as a function of their introverted sensing (Si).

INTJ Mastermind Personality Type


INTJs and INFJs share the lead cognitive function of introverted intuition (Ni), which is actually the most rare function for people.

These two types can see the world similarly and are able to draw parallel conclusions from their observations.

However, they differ in the decisions that they make in conjunction with that information.

INTJs are practical and self-assured in their success-driven mindset, thanks to their extraverted thinking (Te) and introverted feeling (Fi) functions.

INFP Dreamer Personality Type


Both are idealists by temperament, which means both love improving as individuals and learning about human nature.

However, INFJs actually do not share any of the INFP cognitive functions.

As similar as these two may seem, they internally operate very differently as a result of their differing cognitive functions.

ISTP Craftsman Personality Type

istp-personality-type-craftsman-mbti The ISTP is on this list because they can be surprisingly similar in many ways to an INFJ as they share all of the same cognitive functions of an ISTP. Like the ENFJ, all of these types are in the same quadra.

The beta quadra is comprised of the INFJ, ISTP, ENFJ, and ESTP. As the two introverts, INFJs and ISTPs are comfortably alike.

However, ISTPs are sensors and incredibly rational while INFJs are intuitive and not-so-organized-in-thought.




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