3 Reasons Why 45% of Women Will Be Single & Childless by 2030

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The epidemic of unplanned childlessness predicts that 45% of women will be single and childless by 2030. This multifaceted issue is driven by a few issues…

3 Reasons Why 45% of Women Will Be Single and Childless

By 2050, data analyst Stephen J Shaw actually predicts that 800 million individuals will be affected by unplanned childlessness. You can watch part 1 his documentary Birth Gap on Youtube.

It was amazingly made to bring necessary attention to the trends that have been occurring in populations around the globe. The numbers tell a gloomy future…

Did you know that 80% of childless women never intended to not have children?

This is alarming to understand, because this means that the overwhelming majority of people who end up childless deeply always desired a family of their own.

In the documentary, story after story revealed common reasons why so many people end up childless. Learn why…

1. Not finding the right partner in time

This is the number one reason people end up childless.

When is “in time” anyhow?

Due to human biology, “in time” refers to within a person’s limited fertility window.

For women, fertility is particularly limited and becomes increasingly unlikely with each year in her 30s.

However, Shaw made the a good point in Birth Gap that most people don’t realize dating as an older men becomes increasingly more difficult as all men compete for the young women who are able to reproduce.

2. Delaying the decision and eventually dealing with infertility

This one often surprises people. Maybe because the average person doesn’t understand much about human physiology or their own biology.

However, the mistakes occurs when people think they “will have time later” and prioritize school and a career over finding a suitable partner and raising a family.

Spending their 20s studying, accumulating more degrees, and slaving away at work can leave young people burnout and demoralized rather than optimistic and driven.

Time is a limited resource for every single person on this planet, but nobody was ever taught how to best spend it in planning for a fulfilling life.

Overestimating one’s fertility may lead to unexpected infertility. With dropping testosterone levels, increasing hormone disruptors, and never-ending environmental pollutants, optimal fertility is guaranteed for nobody.

The trending awareness of IVF and fertility treatments are often oversold in success and underrepresented in difficulty, pain, and expense.

3. Dating without a plan or proper intentions (wasting precious time)

All the reasons circle around the concept of limited time. This young men and young women need to realize to avoid the same fate.

Shaw estimates from his interviews that 95% of young people intend to become parents one day and express the desire to have children.

Dating is a mess nowadays as most will admit, but it really does not have to be like that.

Young people need to learn to date young, accept a few mistakes along the way, and eventually risk it all in choosing to agree to a partnership that can sustain child-rearing and starting a life together.

People need to date with intention, with urgency, and with an open heart.

Because the alternative is time ticking, missed opportunity, and grief.


In our lifetimes now, we will see the global economies at risk from the birth gap as increasing numbers of old people will outnumber younger generations. Societies will be unsustainable and deeply in debt or bankrupt.

At the personal level, everyone will know many people who end up unintentionally childless.

Support groups for childless men and childless women are available.

However, we must bring this conversation to the awareness of young people to try to reverse the trend.

I consider myself a lucky one who was taught about this exact population trend in 10th grade.

My high teacher said something along the lines that “25 is the age for women that after that the outcome of marriage and family rapidly decrease.”

If you are young, make 25 your goal to start a family.

Because right now, the data reveals that at age 30, only half of women will ever likely become mothers…

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