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What are the key differences between INFJ vs ENFJ?

INFJ vs ENFJ might be a challenging nuance to determine. Could it be an extroverted INFJ or an introverted ENFJ? Here are some clues to tell the difference between the two!

Who is the INFJ personality type?

The INFJ personality type is known to be the rarest personality type of the 16 types, estimated at around ~1% of the population. Sometimes they are nicknamed the “Mystic”, “Sage”, or “Counselor.” Here I refer to them as the “Advocate“ personality type.

Who is the ENFJ personality type?

ENFJ personality types are sometimes nicknamed the “Protagonist”, “Teacher”, or “Giver.” Here I refer to them as the “Mentor” personality type.

Similarities Between INFJ and ENFJ

INFJ vs ENFJ: 3 Key Differences

1- The Introversion/Extroversion

The obvious first difference is the opposite primary preference for stimulation. The INFJ Advocate personality type is an introvert and the ENFJ Mentor personality type is an extrovert. The ENFJ simply has a greater capacity of energetic output and can actually more easily become energized from external interactions.

2 – INFJs are never afraid to be lone wolves

INFJs with lead introverted intuition (Ni) are not afraid to go their own way, away from the norm. It is a very strong guiding compass in their lives, which can make them sometimes quite unapologetically stuck in their own ways.

On the other hand, ENFJs rely strongly on their social connections and would not want to be as unconventional.

3 – ENFJs would not describe themselves as disconnected from their bodies

ENFJs are for the most part comfortable in their bodies and in engaging with their environment. Their tertiary child function of extraverted sensing (Se) is willingly used innocently and well, resulting in a certain boldness and personal confidence.

INFJs instead have a greater imbalance between their 1st function of intuition and 4th function of sensing, which means that they can often feel quite disassociated from their physical bodies due to mental overthinking… Especially if they ever get stuck in a Ni-Ti loop, yikes!



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