What MBTI type is Joe Rogan?

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What MBTI type is Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan is now best known for his popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” You might be wondering what MBTI is Joe Rogan. If you know a little about Myers Briggs, he is easy to type… The personality type of Joe Rogan is exceptionally good at conceiving and executing bold visions. Now at his mature age, he has grown to display his subconscious side in a well-developed manner. Read more to understand his type!

We will examine his personality and use the Myers Briggs typology framework to explore the different aspects that we easily observe in Joe Rogan.

Is Joe Rogan an extrovert?

Yes, Joe Rogan is an extrovert. This means that he externally processes information quickly and he enjoys a higher level of stimulation.

Is Joe Rogan a sensor?

Yes, Joe Rogan is a sensor which means that he lives in his body at default more than in the thoughts of his mind.

Is Joe Rogan a thinker?

Yes, his second function is introverted thinking (Ti), which means that he categories as a thinker in the MBTI system.

Is Joe Rogan a perceiver?

Yes, Joe Rogan’s MBTI type is consider a perceiver because his first function is extroverted sensing (Se), which is a perceiving function.

Joe Rogan MBTI type is an ESTP

Joe Rogan is know for many things that completely display his ESTP personality type in his life. Many watched him as the host of Fear Factor, heard him as a comedian, or now listen to him as an amazing podcast host. He also was a fighter, winning Massachusetts state champion for four consecutive years. He instructed taekwondo and practiced amateur kickboxing (with a 2-1 record), but his fighting career ending at age 21 due to injuries from the experiences.

The ESTP personality type is an Explorer who thrives in new highly-stimulating experiences.

Joe Rogan’s Subconscious MBTI type is an INFJ

You might be wondering how could this crazy personality type now be such a calm podcaster everyone now knows him for?

Well according to the four sides of the mind theory by John Beebe, the ESTP personality would have a subconscious INFJ personality. We can see this displayed in his exquisite interviewing style that he now practices on his podcast episodes.



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