A Survival Guide for INFJ Empaths (5 Tips!)

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What INFJ Empath means?

These essential tips will help INFJ Empaths protect their energy, prevent burnout, and recharge their own battery. INFJs are very sensitive to other people’s emotions, which is the essence of empathy. INFJs are natural empaths.

The INFJ personality type is highly sensitive to other people’s feelings, which can affect their own feelings and own energy. The INFJ is a highly empathic being and as a result, needs to practice regular energy clearing and very strong boundaries to avoid subconscious trapped energy.


Why do INFJ Empaths need a survival guide?

This “Survival Guide” is a gentle guidance to learn how to protect your energetic vibrations from toxic energies when you sense any negative energies coming.

Naturally, as an Idealist temperament, INFJs are 1 of the 4 personality types that attract people with their warmth, rich inner worlds, and uplifting energies.

This guide will help INFJs embrace and enjoy their own emotions more.


Not all INFJs are vulnerable to being deeply affected by negative energy. Let’s get into the secret keys to success in this survival guide!

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Five Tips to Survive as an INFJ Empath

1 – Respect your intuition

INFJs tend to have eerily on point intuition, which is hard to listen to when you don’t understand your own superpower. The combination of introverted intuition (Ni) as their dominant cognitive function plus introverted thinking (Ti) as their tertiary function equals a mind capable of quickly and naturally making deep connections. Your creative mind excels at understanding complex and abstract ideas.


Your life’s journey is learning to truly listen to and understand your inner voice in a healthy way because it will be your best insight available. Tips #4 and #5 will recommend how to trust and develop your inner strength of intuition in unconventional and conventional ways.

2 – Practice firm boundaries (Don’t compromise yourself!)

Empaths are magnets for energy vampires. The negative chases the positive. In younger years, the word “boundaries” is likely a foreign language to any empath and even such an idea of asserting oneself causes notorious inner conflict. Many empaths have the emotional intelligence to adequately understand the other person’s emotions but lack the ability to not feel guilty about separating themselves as an independent entity.

Due to their empathic gifts, immature empaths have difficulty asserting strong boundaries to protect themselves from being enmeshed energetically. They feel a sacred connectedness to all other living beings, which they must learn to balance to always first stay connected to their own truth without spiritual blockages.


What do practicing personal boundaries look like? It includes saying no to anything you absolutely do not want to do that you are not obligated to. With or without explanation to any other party involved.

This is extreme self-care because toxic people will take advantage of your perceived gentleness if you allow the opportunity. Therefore, you must not be afraid to be unapologetic in how you communicate your decisions and emotions.

People tend to actually feel a lot more comfortable around people who are not overly nice because there is a better sense of authenticity and genuineness. Learn to be unapologetically yourself and to be not afraid to speak your truth.

3 – Reduce interactions that are depleting

Stop making plans with anyone who you leave hanging out with an altered or down emotional state. Don’t invite anyone who makes you feel certain negative emotions into your sacred spaces. Your mind counts as a sacred space.

If anybody in your life repeatedly brings you feelings of dread, guilt, or shame then you must recognize that you two habitually have toxic interaction together. This does not mean that they are a toxic person, but it does mean that you reduce your time with them at least until the toxic vibes are gone.


Yes, this recommendation includes even if they are family members. Reflect on what needs to be addressed appropriately first to remedy the situation if you wish to repair such a relationship.

As INFJs empaths, you are highly empathic and intuitively understand and connect to the feeling states of others. Such porous boundaries can lead to heavy residual energy that may weigh you down subconsciously when other people share too much negative emotional baggage.

Additionally, try your best to avoid superficial people and disingenuous people.

A healthy INFJ knows they can only ultimately save themselves and foregoes the need to overextend themselves for everyone else. He or she is very protective of their own energy and learns to practice cognitive empathy rather than extensive emotional empathy. Additionally, they surround themselves regularly with a very selective community in order to have more energy versus feeling depleted.

4 – Stay grounded through regular meditation

You can consider getting professional energy work done, such as reiki from an energy healer. However, incorporating an easy, sustainable meditation practice will be much more effective in the long term.


Figure out activities that truly replenish your battery from within that are meditative in nature. Better yet, recluse a little in natural environments and connect to how your soul feels. Allow time and space for your high sensitivity to not be overstimulated so that you can figure out new connections and insightful thoughts.

An example would be a daily morning ritual of prayer, journaling, and perhaps inspirational reading to clear and uplift the mind.

5 – Have regular healthy self-isolation time

Alone time is best for your creative mind to flourish and to freely explore the ideas of spiritual transcendence.


When you have enough time to truly listen to your own viewpoint, you will find that your mind is full of very inspiring thoughts derived from a beautiful spirit.

Seriously, carve out and prioritize your alone time and I swear you’ll find everything in your life falling better together when you are strongly tapped into your powerful intuition.

Good luck, you got this!



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