Montessori Baby Toys

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What are classic Montessori baby toys?

Montessori is a child-centered approach that aims to help babies develop independent, self-driven curiosity through engaging play. Here are age-appropriate Montessori toys for different age groups within the first year of life for a baby.

  • 2 weeks old: Munari mobile
  • 2 months old: Octahedron mobile
  • 2-3 months old: Gobbi mobile
  • 3 months old: Dancers mobile, stylized wooden figure mobile, 3 primary-colored spheres
  • 3-6 months old: Interlocking wooden disks
  • 6-8 months old: Drop box with wooden ball
  • 9-12 months old: Wooden puzzle with large knobs
The Montessori method is kind of a less-is-more approach in which you aim never to overwhelm a child with too many choices and instead lean towards simplicity and open-ended possibilities.

Ideally, you offer a limited number of Montessori toys on a low-level shelf that is easy for your child to reach.

Most importantly, you proactively do toy rotations and swap the toys every few days to allow your child to develop skills with new toys and to avoid boredom from saturation over the same toys. In this way, you child will enthusiastically welcome back older toys that they can again practice and play with after time away from them.

Best wishes to your family’s Montessori journey!



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