How to Learn MBTI: The 3 Best Ways to Master this Typology

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What are the 3 best ways for how to learn MBTI?

MBTI has over 100 years of development, dating back to Psychological Types by Carl Jung in 1921. As it has continued to develop, it has spread in popularity and awareness becoming one of the lead personality assessments used by businesses and people today. In this post, you will learn 3 of the best ways for how to learn MBTI and master this typology framework.

First, you will know which sources are great to learn MBTI from, then (in a future post) you will get an outline of how to actually go about learning it all. You could think of this post as a class syllabus for MBTI 101.

Alright, let’s get into it!

3 Great Sources for Learning MBTI

There’s a lot of content out there on MBTI. For years, I was a casual consumer of content creators who niched down in MBTI. It’s a fun niche, but as a result, some of it is grossly incorrect and far from proper typological accuracy. In this section, I want to outline resources you can trust information from in order to avoid misinformation.

1. Books

First and foremost, books will be your best available resource. Not only are books (usually) low-cost and well-organized, but they also are very comprehensive ensuring that you touch upon all important aspects of the framework.

I have an entire post that I will update on great beginner-friendly books for MBTI. However, I have continued to buy new and explore more MBTI readings. One of my more recent finds is written by the developer Isabel Briggs Myers, called “Gifts Differing” and it is quite comprehensive with research references and interesting observations.

Additionally, anything written by Linda Berens and Dario Nardi tends to be quite enjoyable and easily digestible while also very accurate.

2. MBTI YouTubers *

The * is for a cautious disclaimer that MANY YouTubers in the MBTI niche are average or below average in accuracy. Everyone is learning and YouTube is a task in itself that creators are attempting to master. I will make two suggestions of channels that are great to learn from and very fun to watch.

Love Who is maybe my favorite content creator in the space. His videos are often humorous, waste little time on fluff, and share valuable insights on MBTI typology. I always share his videos with others whom I attempt to expose to MBTI. His videos do a good job of staying relatively in everyday language rather than typology jargon.

His videos are all very creative and spunky, which makes it a fun surprise to listen to his latest posts. Additionally, he actually posts very frequently and consistently. Definitely worth it to check his channel out to learn about Myers Briggs! I believe him to be an INTP Researcher personality type.

dear kristin is a skit-based content creator. Her videos are impressively accurate within the typology framework. She is a great actress and brings her personality characters to life with much enthusiasm. I haven’t been a long-time follower of hers yet, but every video so far that I have watched always makes me chuckle and appreciate the amount of effort put into each video.

She shares that she is an ESFP Entertainer personality type.

There are many other YouTubers in the niche, but Love Who & dear kristin win at the top for me with accuracy + production professionalism as the top criteria considered.

3. The Quest In Podcast!

Seriously, use this site as an encyclopedia for MBTI. My overall goal is to give more people the tools of self-awareness and the terminology to properly discuss personality types to appreciate the different strengths we all uniquely offer to the world.

Feel free to request ANYTHING through my site’s contact form and soon, I will share a podcast. Most my day is consumed by taking care of my baby bear for now though, so I need a bit of grace on the timing but lots of good things to come!

I will also be incorporating more Socionics content for more nuanced depth, especially with the intertype relations.


In the future, I would love to create a course for MBTI. If you’re interested in that, please go ahead and do yourself a favor by downloading my free MBTI resource guide for now to get on my mailing list to be notified of that in the near future!




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