Why are Montessori toys Wooden (5 Reasons)

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Why are Montessori toys Wooden?

Montessori is a child-centered educational approach, which helps to explain why are Montessori toys wooden. The Montessori method puts emphasis on hands-on learning, independence, and self-directed active exploration. Wooden toys are simple, open-ended, and natural-looking encouraging young children to creatively engage in play.

Here are 5 reasons Montessori toys are wooden:

1. Wooden toys are made of natural materials.

Natural materials, such as wood, are not only more aesthetically pleasing but also are eco-friendly, sustainable, and closer to nature than plastic. Additionally, wood is often a safer material and potentially less toxic as long as there is good sourcing.

2. Wooden toys are more often simple in design.

Almost minimalistic, the focus on simplicity allows a child to pay more attention to the function and purpose of a toy. This is what makes the toy open-ended and allows children to freely use their imagination in creative play. The toys can hence be used in a multitude of ways to encourage exploration, experimentation, and independent problem-solving.

3. Wooden toys are functional.

Montessori education has a huge emphasis on teaching cause and effect and trusting in a child’s ability to discover the reality of the world through play. The toys serve as a catalyst for them to better understand everyday concepts as they interact with realistic objects.

4. Wooden toys are designed with a child in mind.

The goal of child-centered means that EVERYTHING Montessori is designed for an optimal experience for a tiny human. This includes an appropriate size for little hands and an appropriate weight for growing bodies. The toys are ideally easy to handle, manipulate, and play with.

5. Wooden toys are educational.

The combination of all the four reasons above, Montessori toys help children to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. The toys give them the opportunity to discover, test out, and have fun in their own journeys.

What are some examples of Montessori wooden toys?

A few examples include ball drops, wooden puzzles, building blocks, stacking toys, shape sorters, and more.

These toys are popular choices for parents who want to incorporate the Montessori method in their child’s learning experience.



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