Level 10 Life Printable (FREE) 2024

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What is Level 10 Life?

Explained simply, Level 10 Life is a way to evaluate your life regularly to effectively measure your progress towards personal goals. The structure is that you pick 10 categories or areas in life to focus on and you rate yourself for each of those 10 areas.

Additionally, you can note feedback for the area for the last month and set a new focus goal for the next month. You rate yourself 1-10 for each category, so then you can sum up all the totals and have an overall rating out of 100 for your life at a month’s glance. It is a progress tracker formed from monthly self-assessments.


It makes it super easy to quantify your life so that you can critically evaluate how you are living and make adjustments where you see it is necessary. It is a great tool for personal development and goal setting, as long as you can perform an honest assessment of yourself.

Level 10 Life was originally a bullet journal idea that people commonly used when bullet journaling. (Have you ever heard of a bullet journal? Bullet journaling is a pretty cool system if you are ever looking for a new way to organize your to-do lists and whole life!)

Level 10 Life Categories

I’ll share with you some level 10 life category ideas, which are the actual areas I focus on so I can give a short reason why the category is important as well.


1. Future

I believe we fundamentally need a future to look forward to to craft and live our best lives. The idea of the future should bring us hope and inner peace.

2. Family

Family becomes a huge commitment once you have kids, but even before becoming a mom – I found family relationships to be an enormous source of support for my well-being overall.

3. Friends

Continuing on the value of good relationships for overall well-being, friends are another important matter. Maintaining friendships is a fun and fulfilling investment.

4. Personal Development

Self-discovery and meaningful goal-setting are essential for good mental health. Depending on your temperament, self-actualization could be a core need. For idealists like myself, they are.

5. Nutrition

Health is heavily dependent on habitual eating habits. Good nutrition helps to ensure that your body’s nutrient requirements are properly being met.


6. Movement + Sleep

Basic physical self-care revolves around getting enough movement (such as regular exercise) and adequate quality sleep.

7. Home

A person’s physical environment can heavily influence mood, energy levels, and motivation.

8. Fun

To really live a Level 10 Life, I believe that FUN is a requirement. Days should generally be enjoyable and filled with many moments of joy in creative ways. Fun things, big smiles, and hearty laughs.

9. Giving

Whether with a person’s family, their friends, or even in their career, gratitude towards and generosity for others on a regular basis are my favorite methods for feeling deeply connected in fulfilling ways. As social creatures, we crave meaningful connections, and giving helps to spread some goodness.

10. Finances

I now associate money/material security with proper budgeting, an emergency fund, and assets & investments.


Note on Level 10 Life Categories

You can change the categories completely if you would like, as you need to decide what is important to you for personal growth and personal development. Take my list as just a few ideas to identify areas you want to invest your life improving in.

Also, you can of course change a category or two later on.

For example, my last Level 10 Life category used to be spirituality, but now it’s finances. It’s just a new area of life that I want to achieve that wasn’t as important to me before.

I didn’t have “Career” as a category, but you might. The point is that you identify what areas you want to set goals in so that you can regularly note a current level marker for that area.

Have fun creating your Level 10 Life list, and success will follow as you consistently bring extra attention and intention to your actions.


The first step is just to write down the areas (or use my free printables below) and then track your current situation in the different areas.

My first free printable – the Level 10 Life Monthly tracker also includes a habit tracker to help implement any 5 new habits you want to start doing in the next month.

Habit trackers are serious game-changers for all the areas of life you could want to improve in. I absolutely love habit tracking and will definitely do it for the rest of my life whenever possible.

The greatest thing about habit trackers is that once something becomes a habit, you usually don’t have to track it anymore before you build that muscle of repetition in yourself.

Systems for Personal Growth and Personal Development

I don’t know about you, but I love improving as a person. I imagine most other people want the same for themselves too.

However, it’s one thing to want something and another to actually take action to make progress.

That’s where I have learned to love implementing small SYSTEMS in place to help with structure, planning, and execution.


Level 10 Life Free Printables for You!

You can access the 3 printables for free here.

1 – Level 10 Life Monthly Printable

This printable is for the beginning of March, so it would be reviewing the month of February. You can write feedback or notes for yourself on how February went.

Then you can write goals to focus on for March. At the bottom, there is a section for 5 new habits to implement and track if you would like.

2 – Level 10 Life Yearly Progression Tracking for 2024 Printable

For the remainder of the year, you can do a monthly Level 10 Life evaluation review and then see how you do in all the areas for 2024 as a whole.

3 – Law of 100 Challenge Printable

The last printable is my newest tool to implement. It’s an idea from Noah Kagan in his Million Dollar Weekend book.

The idea is that when you want to get better at a new skill where you are putting yourself out there (say on social media or in business), you should just focus on DOING the thing 100 times before quitting or changing your approach.

Be PROCESS-focused, instead of outcome-focused in the beginning to give yourself the chance to develop the skill through repetition and practice.


Overall, I hope that you can use these tools/free printables to create a life that you seriously love and enjoy living. Full of self-awareness, self-discovery, and honest assessment. Personal growth will be inevitable as you progress.


May you achieve and accept all the good things the world has to share with you!