Convert Socionics to MBTI

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How to convert Socionics to MBTI?

Socionics is a great expansion to further understand MBTI 16 personalities. The two frameworks are considered “sister sciences” as they developed separately in different parts of the world. In this article, you will learn how to convert Socionics to MBTI type code.

How to read Socionics type code?

Socionics is definitely more confusing and nuanced. It is a discipline that will take dedication and more attention to detail to learn, but it offers SO MUCH that it can really be worth it if personality theory is something you enjoy learning about.

Let’s first learn how to read Socionics type code, so that you can easily and quickly do the Socionics to MBTI conversion.

What is different from Socionics type code versus MBTI type code?

  1. Socionic types use only 3 letters versus 4 letters in MBTI.
  2. Socionic types use different letters, but also some of the same. (L/E, I/S, I/E versus I/E, S/N, T/F, J/P)
    1. L/E = Logic or Ethics
    2. I/S = Intuition or Sensory
    3. I/E = Introvert or Extrovert
  3. Socionics uses the order or the letters to indicate what cognitive function a type leads with. If the type leads with intuition, the I will come first versus if a type leads with ethics, the E will come first.
  4. Socionics believes in using the J/P to indicate whether a type leads with a judging (T/F) or perceiving (S/N) function. Socionics indicates this difference with using a lower case fourth letter, i.e. INFj or INFPs in MBTI or INFp for INFJs in MBTI.

Now you can easily convert Socionics to MBTI.

Personally, I favor the MBTI type code for being more easily readable and not using repeated letters for clarity. Additionally, MBTI type of introverted versus extroverted counterparts correlate better in terms of likeliness and shared cognitive functions. It makes way more sense than the Socionics type code. Socionics has other strengths, but its type code is not one of them!

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Check out my full post on the 16 Sociotypes to know which type correlates to each or use my MBTI to Socionics calculator. 🙂



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