Social Media Growth Report 1

Published On: April 13, 2024|Categories: Online Passive Income|By |Views: 62|

What is a Social Media Growth Report?

I was inspired by bloggers who share their “Blog Income Reports” that show growth over time, so I took the idea and decided to start tracking my growth via online platforms. Because I am in the midst of pivoting my content as well, this seemed like the perfect time to declare a sort of starting point.


This website has been the best passion project I could have ever gotten myself into. It truly is a little online adventure that I’ve been able to gamify and learn so much through.

I will be experimenting lots and teaching what I learn along the way! I hope that it can be helpful and inspiring for other aspiring content creators.

What platforms did I choose to track?

My site analytics (monthly sessions), Pinterest reach (monthly impressions), YouTube (subscribers), and followers on a few new platforms I am extending my brand on. Those being X (formerly known as Twitter), Threads, & Instagram.

What is coming next?

I am still working on publishing 100 videos on YouTube. My goal was before baby #2 arrives, but I am also not too hard on myself pumping those out because third-trimester tiredness is really tough alongside taking care of a very active toddler all day.

However, I will definitely be publishing PODCAST 1 in the next week, which will be a book summary of Psycho-Cybernetics! It is a life-changing book that everyone could benefit from.



I’m super grateful lately. Life has been pretty good to me + very fun! Maybe it’s my consistent daily visualization exercises positively paying off, via rewiring my subconscious mind effectively. Because I feel very uninhibited in tapping into my creative flow. I love creating from this feeling of alignment & purpose.

Thanks for following along on my journey!



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