My clients can engage me to help them accomplish their personal goals in 5 different ways:

Personal Strengths Assessment

45-minute session is which you learn about your personality preferences to gain valuable insights on your unique neurological hardwiring for how you make decisions & process information.

Accelerated Dating Plan

30-minute coaching session with a follow-up detailed protocol of what exact areas in your life you actually need to focus on in order to maximize your progress & stop wasting precious time.

The Consciousness Workshop

Unlock your actual potential by investing in your mind, the headquarters of all of your decisions. Learn easy yet effective techniques to actually rewire your subconscious mind & understand your unconscious shadow. 45-minute one-on-one workshop.

Group Coaching for Women (20s)

Join a community of 20somethings to connect with & learn from so that you can actually understand modern dating. I will serve to answer any questions to make your dating life more enjoyable & less confusing. Every Sunday night at 8pm PST.

One-on-One Coaching Package

A 1-month investment with weekly progression calls. 24/7 access via text for any & all questions you may have as you design your life to become your actualized self. We will focus on clarifying your goals, effectively planning your success, & optimizing your health by fearlessly addressing any blindspots & weaknesses.