Ready to find out your psychological type?

Choose your preference how.


Typing via Recorded Video


For this option, you will record a video of yourself answering a set of questions. I will send a report analysis & summary of your result within 48 hours.


Video Chat Typing Session


This option is a 45-minute video call, in which I will get to know you a bit. At the end of the call, I will let you know your most likely psychological type from our conversation. After, I will follow up with a full summary & additional resources for you.

Here’s what you’ll receive from our typing session:

  • 1

    You will know which psychological type you most likely are, based on observed use of cognitive functions

  • 2

    A page summary of your temperament description

  • 3

    A page summary of your grip stress triggers, & solutions

  • 4

    A page summary of your cognitive functions (strengths, weaknesses, & development of consciousness)

  • 5

    A page summary of recommended career paths